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  1. RabidBasher

    St. Louis Bassheads - ROLL CALL!

    We need some bass shows or just demo meets or something that's both Car Audio + Social around here. If there's interest maybe we can set up a meet & greet somewhere public, but away from stuff at the same time so the cops wont run us out in 10 min. About myself: I'm a car audio addict, but broke too. I spend most of my time looking around at vids & window shopping online but haven't gotten much in-person time with Very Loud Stereos. Been through a few cheap systems and I'm finally starting to commit to saving for a real system. I don't know anybody who gets the rush like I do, so I'm forced to look elsewhere for like minded people. Just want to find folks to talk shop with & share knowledge. Post up if you dig it!
  2. Bumping this for interest. I'd love to see some audio comps. A MECA event would be great, even if it was just an annual thing. There's a SERIOUS gap in car audio culture around St. Louis and this needs to be fixed!!!