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    I'm A bass junkie! If i had a lot of money i would lose my hearing, Ha! I just love cars in general.
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    Autobody tech / Painter
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    A noise maker
  1. 2Dcore

    VFL Audio Intense 15's

    They look like TC baskets, These are AB's
  2. 2Dcore

    VFL Audio Intense 15's

    I don't remember the weight i think they are like 2lb's more than HD's. I have HD's, they noticeably heavier.
  3. 2Dcore

    VFL Audio Intense 15's

    What coil is this in the 12's? Or the stealth's?
  4. 2Dcore

    VFL Audio Intense 15's

    Sorry about side ways pics! lol
  5. 2Dcore

    VFL Audio Intense 15's

    Anybody on here run them yet? I got 2 15's now, I'm goin to put 4 in my wall. They are beastly looking subs. The Black 8 layer coils. If i could figure out how to get pics off my phone and on here i'd put up some pics. i'm goin with 4 of them on 2 AB 1100's. But seeing if anyone knows much about them. got rid of the AB HD's to go with these. Im using 2 12" VFL Audio the cheaper one's in my daily ride. For who don't know these are a line from American bass. Well got a few pics to come up but the one i wanted, the surround and cone. I'll try later.
  6. 2Dcore

    American Bass HD 12" D2

    Great subs, I have 4 15" HdD's now. GLWS
  7. few years back ran 8 10" r's on 4k mojo amp it sounded great. sound even better not in prefabs. Good luck with your sale.
  8. 2Dcore

    Mmats juggernaut 15"

    450 for blown did i read that right?
  9. 2Dcore

    Say hello to my little friend.

    Nice woofer! What kind of power that thing handle on the daily? Audio isn't dead to me, That's all that matters Ha! In the early 90's i was to broke to have a nice system and would drool over the older guys rides and said when i get older and have money i will have a sweet ride. Well i'm older and still broke but got another nice build in progress. I tell the wife this is the last one than done ,Ya Right Lol. Usually after the younger kids hear one of my rides they get the bug and want a system. Love car audio but not always the people involved, LOl Sorry off topic
  10. 2Dcore

    Stay with Memphis or go Sundown?

    Me personal hate memphis anymore. I just bought 5 15" Mojo x's. I used one to test in my daily ride. For the price (retail $750.- $800) I got at dealer cost of $400 i thought they look nice and they are beefy subs. They were total garbage, The test one burned up. sold 3 of them 2 of the 3 burnt and still stuck with one brand new one. I went with all American bass HD's no comparison they crush Memphis. The amps are junk now to well should say everyone but the mojo amps (i like them, but touchy) PR 1000's burn up all the time. Sundown is no comparison in my opinion. If your happy with what you got why change it? If you want something new than i'd go sundown. GL with your dealings
  11. 2Dcore

    loudest budget 12" subwoofer! come in here!

    Are you asking us or telling us? I don't understand, not bein an a-hole. It's not hard to be louder than an L7 just about any other will do the job, Lol
  12. I have a Memphis MCA 5004 It's the Mojo 4ch (1100 rms) it's sorta of a rare amp i never saw another, i always see the less powerful ones it's one of the cleanest sounding 4ch's and it's powerful.
  13. my whole thing is just because it goes that high doesn't mean you have to, if it sounded good before why mess with it, just my thoughts.
  14. 2Dcore

    Dope alternators

    Love the colors, I do need couple alts coming up soon goin to have to price some from them.
  15. Nice collection, wish i never sold mine, GLWS