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  1. The_Grimy_One

    RE 10” 2000 watt subs (2) in original boxes

    Still available?
  2. The_Grimy_One

    1 12W7AE Vs 2 Fosgate T1 12s

    More Cone Area + More Power... The T1s seem to fit your build intentions better. A proper setup for the W7 with a slash 1000 would sound amazing, but still wont be as loud...
  3. The_Grimy_One

    Amp won't read 1ohm

    Maybe box rise has something to do with it?
  4. The_Grimy_One

    Choosing a New HU & Subwoofer

    Double din or sub suggestion?
  5. The_Grimy_One

    Choosing a New HU & Subwoofer

    Gotcha. Was wondering why their websites are almost identical haha. Thanks.
  6. The_Grimy_One

    Choosing a New HU & Subwoofer

    Great. Thank you. I like that it is shorter than the normal decks.
  7. The_Grimy_One

    Choosing a New HU & Subwoofer

    Mercedes Wagon for sub n possible double din. Old Honda Accord for single din. Amp is in my signature. I’d say about $200 for double din. $200-250 for Sub.
  8. The_Grimy_One

    Choosing a New HU & Subwoofer

    In the market for a new head and a new sub. Sub will be paired to 1000 watts at 1 ohm Looking to probably do a 15 that does well sealed... Or maybe a small ported box 12 Also, I remember being told that the JVC KD-X340BTS was a great budget single din, does the new JVC KD-X350BTS fit this bill as well? Lastly, what are some of the best budget double din units out there? Kenwood? JVC? I usually use Pioneer but have become fond of some of the features the other decks have as of late. Thanks for your help in advance.
  9. The_Grimy_One

    Anyone Near or in Williamsburg or Arlington, VA?

    Awww yes. That was you that I talked to. How much would you want on the new one?
  10. The_Grimy_One

    Anyone Near or in Williamsburg or Arlington, VA?

    Awww gotcha. Let me know if you do. I would like one haha. I think the other sub I was looking at was an OZ Audio ME 15.
  11. The_Grimy_One

    Tweeters too Bright!

    Should be ordering the deck when my tax money comes in. I dont even know if I am going to keep the car. However, I did lower the gains some, and turned off the Xover on the amp. Sounds much better. Still a bit harsh, so I'd be very excited to hear the new deck on them. I would still consider bridging the amp for the front speakers. But with only being rated at 60 RMS, idk if they will like that much more power... Of course I could gain down however.
  12. The_Grimy_One

    Anyone Near or in Williamsburg or Arlington, VA?

    Oh snaps, I just saw this. Are they the 2 iDMax in a sealed box? Haha
  13. The_Grimy_One

    Tweeters too Bright!

    Im working on buying a new deck, and I am going to lower my gains a little, as well as turn off any Xovers on the amp. Just allow the deck to handle it if needed.
  14. The_Grimy_One

    Tweeters too Bright!

    I thought about this too. But I would be willing to just bridge my 4 channel if that is the case. I don't necessarily need the rear fill.
  15. The_Grimy_One

    Tweeters too Bright!

    Gotcha. Makes sense for sure. Though I do use a USB stick with only 320 MP3. Haha. I get your point. I may just order this today!