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  1. Looking to get my new car all set up need a few things to do so, looking for the following. 1. Head unit, single din, prefer pioneer, looking for a newish unit (last 3 years or so), needs Bluetooth, usb, 3x4v outs, etc, basically a really nice single din. 2. 6.5 components, willing to buy separate mids and tweets, don't need crossovers but wouldn't mind em 3. 4 channel, 4x50 is fine, don't need anything special, looking for cheap and small here. 4. Install stuff, will pay a little extra for some 4ga wire, good quality RCAs and terminals, fuse blocks etc, not looking to buy separate from the others so if you have some to throw in let me know. Shipped prices to 97114 please. Sent from my Z958 using Tapatalk
  2. UnderFire

    FS: Blown AQ2200

  3. UnderFire

    FS: Blown AQ2200

    Item(s) for Sale: For sale is a Blown AQ2200, it is in Ok cosmetic shape, with a couple of nicks and scrapes throughout, nothing major. It still powers on and plays fine but gives out a high pitch whine whenever it's on, not sure what the issue is. I can ship it directly to whatever amp repair shop you want it to go to. Price: 150$ plus shipping. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: USPS Item Pictures:
  4. UnderFire

    Digital Designs M80

  5. UnderFire

    Digital Designs M80

    Yep it sure can.
  6. UnderFire

    Digital Designs M80

  7. UnderFire

    Digital Designs M80

  8. UnderFire

    Digital Designs M80

    Item(s) for Sale: Very nice DD M80 mono amp. Description/Condition of Item(s): Nearly flawless, maybe a scratch here and there, but you'd be hard pressed to find anything major wrong. Price: 200$ Shipped Shipping Information: USPS Item Pictures:
  9. UnderFire

    Ebay Prices

    It's especially prominent in the most current/newest version of electronics, either shill bidding, ghost bids or fake bids that people aren't actually going to pay for.
  10. UnderFire

    WTT - Digital Designs M80

    ****, those are some nice amps, but way too big to fit underneath my seat I think, I'll have to measure tomorrow.
  11. UnderFire

    WTT - Digital Designs M80

    Make me an offer, don't really have a solid gauge on how to price it.
  12. UnderFire

    WTT - Digital Designs M80

    Will consider selling it as well.
  13. UnderFire

    WTB: 2k+ cheap

    Already found one.