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  1. I have had stereo systems for over 15 years and I would still consider myself entry level. It definitely deters folks from asking questions when the answers come in the form of an insult, even when the person responding isn't trying to be. In my opinion, Car Audio is extremely technical and difficult to fully understand. Especially when you want to evolve. Anyone can buy the basics and be happy bumping for years. I am at the point where I am financially capable and would like to explore more advanced features like Strapping amps, building enclosures, correctly tuning, etc. I have read numerous posts where simple questions are being responded to with "search the forums". It takes a long time to go through the search results on this site. It is way easier to simply create a new thread and hope some real veterans will help you out. That being said, please don't be a d!*# to me if you seem my threads asking questions that you may think are simple. Sorry to sidetrack your thread @chandlerr. LOL. Anyway, I have always built my systems on a budget as well so I understand where spending $500 on a head unit might seem crazy.
  2. Is it safe to say after 6 years that everyone calmed down. LOL. Personally, I like the name SoundQubed & their logo. The Black & Green go good together.
  3. No, they would not work to their "full" potential. Seeing that this is your first stereo/install, I would keep it simple and just replace the factory speakers with some decent coaxial speakers. You will be surprised at how much a difference they will make, especially since the factory speakers are 22 years old.
  4. You could always run your Tweeters, Mids, & Sub off Amp(s) while running your rear speakers off the head unit.
  5. I haven't been on here for a few years so I guess I am a born again virgin. I've never much of a poster but I do enjoy scrolling through threads. There are 3 things in life i keep low; My bass, my post count, and my moral standards. It looks like people arent posting nearly as much as they used to. I reside in West Central Wisconsin in a glorious city called Eau Claire, about an hour east of Minneapolis. The Audio scene is pretty scarce. Anyway, I'm starting a new project. 04 grand Cherokee. So far I have installed a Pioneer head unit. My Skar Audio SDR-18 was delivered a few days ago and today came my Taramps HD3000.1. I will most likely be using my old skool Phoenix Gold Qx900.1 to power the sub though. I will be around on the threads asking questions, mostly on the electric end. Alternator, Batteries, & Wiring. Any help along the way will be greatly appreciated. Peace Out Homies -Justin
  6. What is the difference between the XS D975 & XS S975?
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