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  1. fannin88

    Need a new 10in Sub

  2. fannin88

    Need a new 10in Sub

    (Double post)
  3. fannin88

    SSA Dcon or similar

    Yeah I've heard alot of good about those. I've been out of the loop a while. I want site if there was a new budget boner or anything that had popped up. Like I said, since it's sealed with the low depth it makes it a little less convenient. Dcon, type r, lethal injection, AB DX, ect is what I had in mind. I can go over 6" but not very much
  4. fannin88

    SSA Dcon or similar

    Morning bump
  5. I'm in the market to find a DCON or a similar 8, 10 or 12. I can't go much deeper than 6" mounting depth and would really like to find something that likes a sealed enclosure. I've also liked at Soundqubed 200 series 10s but would like to see what else is out there. I've tried SQ before when they were AQ and would like to try a brand I haven't had yet. I'd like to keep it under 600wt. My budget isn't really set on any certain price right now but I don't ever get to drive my truck so I can't justify putting a while lot into it. Suggestions or have something for sale?
  6. fannin88

    Door Pods F150

    Anyone have any ideas?
  7. fannin88

    Door Pods F150

    Yeah buddy! My favorite, minus this part along with zero storage
  8. Does anyone have any suggestions for a set of door pods for a square body Ford truck? The factory ones are left almost half way covered by plastic so I lose alot of sound there, plus I have a set of pioneers out of my old car just setting around that I'd like to put to work again. Under the door panel I have nothing but flat sheet metal. I'm kind of thinking it'll be hard to make it not look "cheap" if I don't do a full length piece but would really prefer to buy a set as opposed to building my own. I'm always on the road for work so it would drag out to be a long project, especially me having no glassing experience. Maybe you have saw something out there that I haven't saw out thought of? Let's hear what y'all think!
  9. fannin88

    Pioneer USB Cable

    It's been a while since I put it in and I'm avoiding having to take our apart twice. I was thinking that it had a different plug in on the back. Maybe not though. Are you sure that that is correct?
  10. I'm looking for a USB cable that plugs into the back of my deh-7500hd. I lost my box and decided to go thr USB route. If anyone has one, give me a shipped price. If nothing else, wheres a cheap site to pick one up? I need it as soon as possible. Thanks guys.
  11. fannin88

    Skar VVX 12s

  12. fannin88

    Skar VVX 12s

    I found a video I had took with them. Very underpowered from their labled rms VIDEO0048-0.mp4 Video by xj9135 | Photobucket
  13. fannin88

    F/S Joe Rocket Riding Coat

    Mods can you move this to the misc instead of the misc car audio. I accidentally put it in the wrong section. Thanks.
  14. don't know how many motorcycle riders we have on here, but the weather is warm and the bikes are coming out. I don't ride anymore so I might as well try to recoup some money off of this. Joe Rocket Ballistic Series Riding Jacket size Large- The outer shell is black with yellow and white, made of nylon and polyester. The inside is black, made of polyester. There are 2 zippered pockets in front, 4 zippered vents in front (2 for torso, 1 for each arm in bicep area), 2 zippered vents in back, zipper in bottom rear of jacket to zip into pants, velcro straps on each side of the waist to tighten that area, velcro wrist straps, removable zip-out inner liner, 2 buttons on the collar, all the typical CE-approved padding in the shoulders and elbows. All zippers have zipper pulls to make it easier to grab with gloves on. There are Joe Rocket emblems on each shoulder and a subtle imprint "Rocket" on the back which looks pretty cool to me. I can guarentee that if you lay your bike down you'll wish you had something like this on! The pads are removable for washing. I have took them out and wore the coat to dinner a time or two. It is a really good looking coat to me. Ok overall it is a used coat, but a very nice one. I paid $140 plus shipping last spring. I can do $75 shipped.