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  1. Well, i was able to unplug the rca cables from the amp and when I did this I was not getting interference on my rear speakers.. can anyone please give me any ideas about where to go from here or what I may need to check?
  2. I’ve not touched anything other then the plastic and metal in my door panel to trim for a speaker with a deeper magnet. The pos and neg wires for my driver side door speaker were pushed down inside my door while I was cutting and therefore when I turned the ignition on the to roll up the window they must have been touching the metal effectively shorting the two together for a couple seconds. The only thing I have tried was disconnecting the left channel (the one that shorted) directly from the amp to see if it would go away thinking I may have melted some of the speaker wiring but I didn’t have time beyond that last night to troubleshoot further. I’m getting a static when the headunit is first powered on, alternator whine, and a thump upon turning the headunit off. All of this was untouched working perfectly since the install for nearly 5 years, and only started after I touched the two speaker wires for a moment. Later I am going to try disconnecting the amp to see if it’s in my head unit as my rear stage is powered directly off the headunit and only my front door speakers are amplified externally
  3. To make a long story short, I’ve had my current setup running untouched for nearly 5 years. Just a Rockford fosgate punch 150.2 running my front two 6.5” door speakers. This used to be combined with other amps and subs so positive and negative battery wires are all 0 awg and Amp is properly grounded, big three etc. everything was perfect. I recently decided to upgrade my door speakers and was trimming the plastic in my door panels to fit a deeper speaker, my glass was in the way so I put the key in for a second to roll the window up, and stupidly left the speaker wires dangling in the door skin and I heard the passenger speaker scratch, knowing I was shorting the wires in the door, I quickly shut it off. I know better then to have the amp on while doing wiring but I was forgetful. Anyways after hooking everything back up I am now getting engine noise through the door speakers and a large bump when I shut the car off. What is most likely the fix for this? Did I fry my app somehow? It still powers fine and plays, I’m just getting interference now. I know everything is hooked up good as it’s worked perfectly for years. I’m thinking either my head unit ground melted a little or something has happened to my amp? Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have new speakers on the way