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  1. Hey all! Hoping you experts can help me figure out how to get the best output from my setup. I'm wondering if I should shell out for a JL CleanSweep, try a rewire, change the sub enclosure, or get diff gear. Here's background info: I have a 2007 Charger R/T w/ Perf Pkg - came with a good Boston setup, 6 speakers + 276w amp to power all 6 (not sure of watts per chann). I guess there's only 1 pair of full range channels that were powering the rear 6x9s. At least that's what installer #1 told me. The doors just blew (midrange only) and I replaced them with BA SC60 components (tweets, mids, & passive xovers). Dude who installed said he had to run the SC60s off the full-range channels since they're components, so the only pair of full channels are running both the rears & new doors. Now I've got ZERO bass from rears and my ears are bleeding from too much high & mid (even cranked way down on HU). So, do some more research and pick out a sub/amp/box & had it installed this week - 10" BA G110-4, GTA-802, sealed .56 cuft box. Went with BA again on someone's suggestion that it'll handle diff types of tunes well. I can barely tell there's a sub in the trunk! (Diff) installer says it's not that loud bc my seat backs are extra dense, but still sounds weak with seatback down. Played around with amp settings per manual and no joy. I don't want some gangster boom, but I can't feel anything. WTF is going on?? Are these installers just BS'in me or what am I missing? Wrong brand or sub? Wrong wiring/channel setup? Try a ported box? Need a 2nd 10" + amp? Add sound processor? What should I try next? The I was happy with the original OEM system and now I'm in about $700 aftermarket and it sounds like ****. Want to keep the factory HU for wheel controls & so it's less obvious I have aftermarket stuff. I've researched all over online and talked to every audiophile I know, but still not sure. Help me experts!! Sorry for the novel, just wanted to include ALL setup specs & problems!