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    Im 19. I drive a 2000 Volvo v70 wagon.
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    I ride BMX and race dirt bikes
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  1. Are there any head units with nice glass touch screens? We've been spoiled with nice touch screens on our phones nowadays, but it seems head units are stuck 10 years in the past with their poor touch screens. The only one I know of is the Pioneer AppRadio 4 (SPH-DA120). Perhaps there is something available from another company other than the big names (Alpine, Pioneer, Kenwood, Sony, etc.) that has a quality interface? In addition to that question... I also am wondering if there is any better way than AptX to play Spotify Premium 320kbps from my Galaxy S7. I had a nice Pioneer MVH-p8200bt that I used when I had an iPhone through USB and everything was great. Then when I got this Android I was unable to play anything through USB and it didn't stream BT. I did some research and ended up going with a Kenwood KMM-BT515HD because Kenwood uses the AptX codec for BT. The only problem is that the quality of these Kenwood 1DINs *****. I'd much rather have an Alpine or Pioneer, but they don't support AptX. Next thought is moving to a 2DIN, however I hate the cheap touch screens on them. So yeah, kind of a long post, but that's my dilemma. TL;DR -- Looking for the following in a head unit: - Play Spotify through USB and/or has AptX BT capabilities - 4v, 6 preouts - Prefer 1DIN, but am also very interested in 2DIN with a nice/glass touchscreen