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  1. LosIsATool

    Digital Designs SW2508sc review

    Digital Designs SW2508sc: I'm finding it hard to review something that is only one piece of the puzzle but I'll share my findings. If this review ticks off a hater or two, to bad I don't care. DD designed this to be the super 8. The surround had me very skeptical at first, it looked like a Lanzar or Kicker surround. The difference is this one actually has a function. The ribs are softer to the touch, this allows more linear travel than a standard foam surround. It stretch's under high excursion but still maintains it form. Power handling- DD rates at 400-800rms. I use a DD M1c (1700 rms). The same amp DD used during the prototype testing. So almost double rated power daily and I'm not easy on it. Driver never breaks a sweat. The kicker is I ran it boosted to hell for a few weeks when the MS-8 decided to boost the sub frequencies and it was still fine. Listening- I will start by saying whoever says the sc option adds distortion is full of crap. Not once in the 2 months I've used it has my ears been pulled away from the dash board. It has a lot the same sound characteristics of my old W7 10. I have it in DD recommended 1.25 cubes with 20sq inches of port tuned at 35hz. 25-70hz bandpassed. 1.25 is big for a single 8 but space does make bass. That's efficiency, for a driver to hold together in that much space tells the story about the quality of the driver. Its in my trunk, seats up and solid, not much of a pass through since the rear shelf holds the amp rack. The transitions are on point, it easily keeps up with Travis Barker. The low notes are solid and strong, easily fills the cabin with bass. Keep in mind I'm coming from a 5000 watt ground pounder. Conclusion- This really is a special driver. Custom tooled basket, new surround tech, 2.5 inch coil on a 2500 series motor, made with US built soft parts. It is oversized, more like a 9 inch driver so cutouts are a pain at first and they don't give you a template. I found this vid, this guy does a good job for a walk through.
  2. LosIsATool

    Morel sub

    It will need about 4 cubes sealed in car
  3. LosIsATool

    Dayton Ultimax 12" vs. IDQ12 V.4 2Ohm

    I hate Rockford as a company. But no. At 100db with the same tune you couldn’t pick them apart.
  4. LosIsATool

    Crossover settings

    Sounds like you are in over your head. If you are using passive crossovers then the DSP will not have a filter. Only the HPF for the midrange. Only use one filter. DSP or amp.
  5. LosIsATool

    Dayton Ultimax 12" vs. IDQ12 V.4 2Ohm

    Easy answer. Any subwoofer set up to do it.
  6. LosIsATool

    Tweeter Selection Help

    Love them. Love them very very much. The deal of a life time. But at 2.5k where I am you have to be easy with the power, but they don’t need much anyway. It like every ring radiator they much be on axis
  7. LosIsATool

    Dayton Ultimax 12" vs. IDQ12 V.4 2Ohm

    They will do what the install tells them to do. Like any other woofer
  8. LosIsATool

    Crossover settings

    Just set it safe until you can measure.
  9. LosIsATool

    JBL or Infinity subs

  10. LosIsATool

    More amp tests on deck... Opinions on more amps...

    Keep in mind it’s a current hog. If you don’t have enough power you will never get rated from it.
  11. I bet that’s sounds like overpriced crap.
  12. LosIsATool

    Adire Audio is back!

    I was able to get the last DD 9512s x2 on the 5k playing 149-150 over a full octave. That’s something no sundown woofers with not that much cone area will do. Not even the Zv3. Almost got 1.5 octaves out of it but I was more focused on playing anything. The monster mid bass helped out at 70hz I’ll check that out. I’ve been on a Akunnaki kick. Funny how much of the bibles where plagiarized. But people that don’t want to know that won’t know that
  13. LosIsATool

    Order it straight from Italy.

    Look at these little monsters. https://www.rgsound.it/fpx-5-1200_focal-id-32609.html https://www.rgsound.it/g-five_helix-id-32590.html
  14. LosIsATool

    Order it straight from Italy.

    So much goodness
  15. LosIsATool

    Order it straight from Italy.

    I need to match my hertz as close as possible. The mile pro is it’s replacement but the price of the 1600.2 is hard to beat 94db and 3ohm https://www.rgsound.it/mp-165p-3-woofer-16-5cm-mille-pro_hertz-id-27096.html?esa=1