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  1. bgowdy

    Good Cheap 6x9s (NOT AMPING THEM)

    lol i was kidding about the anyways.... but what do you mean
  2. bgowdy

    Good Cheap 6x9s (NOT AMPING THEM)

  3. bgowdy

    Good Cheap 6x9s (NOT AMPING THEM)

    Will a 6x8 fit a 6x9 slot? Just curious. I think i read that it will but just want to be sure lol
  4. bgowdy

    Good Cheap 6x9s (NOT AMPING THEM)

    ok this information helps a bit. atleast i will know what to look for. Im not putting alot into it. I dont think my build will be very loud so i dont think i will need to amp these.
  5. Ok guys, i dont know much about speakers due to me never really messing with. So what are some good brand speakers that are cheap? They will just be ran off the HU, i am not amping them so i dont need high power ones. Just trying to replace my rear 6x9s that died on my.
  6. bgowdy

    Wtb budget build 1500-2000 rms amp

    im good... while i like lanzar, i dont want a refurd. They are sensitive as it is. 219 is not bad though regardless. ---------- Post added at 02:32 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:31 PM ---------- but if was OP is would buy the other one and just turn it down lol
  7. bgowdy

    Wtb budget build 1500-2000 rms amp

    nevermind i see they are not that expensive anymore. I see 1 now on there for 300 shipped
  8. bgowdy

    Wtb budget build 1500-2000 rms amp

    Opti4k for $219????????
  9. bgowdy

    Wtb budget build 1500-2000 rms amp

    Soundqubed S-2250 - $250 - These have my interest lol Skar RP1500 - $180 Skar RP2000.1 - $230 Soundstream Rubicon 2500 - $220 ebay Soundstream Ta1.3000d - $250 off Ebay, I have this amp,(dont get the newest model t1.6000d) This is rated 3k at .5 and 2500 at 1, though when dyno'd by Tfade it did 2000 at 1 ohm so safe to say it will do 2500 at .5. Can also be burped at .25 and ran at .25(i have not done this but i have seen in person them doing this. I have had this for like 5 years has always been solid. Ran at .5 for the first 2.5years and then changed to 1 ohm and bout to go back to .5 ohm for my ZV4 15 D1.
  10. UPS or USPS > Fedex lol
  11. did you not see what i said FEDEX is F'ing up. its delayed anyway
  12. I figured it out.... after spent a couple hours getting mad and not making progress... My friend said trying to "fish" the wire through the Factory wire harness boot with a coat hanger...... that took me a whole 5 mins to do and was super super easy smh. poke a hole in excess boot with a flat head stuck the hanger 3/4 way through so i could grab it on the outside. connected wire to hanger by bending hanger through the copper lug and taping it, then pulled it through.... got 2 runs done in 10 mins smh...... Now fedex decided to delay my extra wire delivery that is suppose to be delivered today, until tuesday delaying my progress of getting the ish playing smh.... F FEDEX... thats why i use USPS or UPS.
  13. Na i like the way it sits lol... Makes its look a little better... need some window tint tho...
  14. I was thinking that but its location is kind of iffy. Theres space to extend the whole but getting a drill to is in question