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    im a swell, laid back, able bodied, opposite of naive, good looking guy!
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  1. Sub Woofin

    Want to buy your older video games and systems

    xbox 360 halo 3 edition with original accessories. cosmetics 8/10 mechanics 10/10. got 15+ games mostly fps. will pm pics if interested
  2. Sub Woofin


    good deal!
  3. Sub Woofin

    Silverado DDZ build

    just what are you trying to prove?
  4. Sub Woofin

    wtb o-scope

    what about a v1
  5. it looks like you are upgrading your front and rear stage. will you be needing any brackets?
  6. Sub Woofin

    Fs-Arc Audio XDI804c

  7. what else you got to trade? im looking for a 4channel amp, i got a AT 1200.1 i no longer need + an epicenter
  8. Sub Woofin

    Makeshift Amp Rack

    its organized and amps are secured from drifting. cool stuff m8!
  9. i hope there is a pdf file for the IASCA rules. i want to read up on that some more. thanks for the info KHA
  10. Sub Woofin

    Has anyone tried a DSO Nano?

    sweet you got one already? hmm. i never thought of updating mine.
  11. i dont got pictures but i ran mine behind the fender on the driver side. what i did was loosened the fender from the rest of the car and with careful manuevering i was able to get it through into the interior of the car. keep in mind it was 1/0 gauge wire covered with techflex EDIT* i did not drill holes either
  12. Sub Woofin

    Has anyone tried a DSO Nano?

    save those $120 and buy yourself one. i own the v1 and has made my installs easier when installing processors and its quite accurate in measurement. i am still getting the hang of some of the features but i know soon i will master the device
  13. its been 3 hours. is the sale over?