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  1. stangbanger

    Under-seat Sub Options...

    If you liked the kappa perfect then you definitely don't want that Pioneer. They may not get a ton of love here (the majority here are more spl oriented), but those subs sound fantastic and extend low for a small woofer in a sealed alignment. Not sure what your budget or current goals are, but there are better options than Pioneer subs. That 9605 is a solid performer though.
  2. stangbanger

    JL Audio 10W3v3-2 with Alpine MRV-M500

    As someone who's owned a 12w3v3 and an ev3 12, I miss the JL waaayyy more. The sundown is definitely a bit louder but the difference in sound quality is huge. I never tried it sealed, but in a well built enclosure tuned to 32 I was very unimpressed with the e12s sq.