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  1. stangbanger

    Under-seat Sub Options...

    If you liked the kappa perfect then you definitely don't want that Pioneer. They may not get a ton of love here (the majority here are more spl oriented), but those subs sound fantastic and extend low for a small woofer in a sealed alignment. Not sure what your budget or current goals are, but there are better options than Pioneer subs. That 9605 is a solid performer though.
  2. stangbanger

    JL Audio 10W3v3-2 with Alpine MRV-M500

    As someone who's owned a 12w3v3 and an ev3 12, I miss the JL waaayyy more. The sundown is definitely a bit louder but the difference in sound quality is huge. I never tried it sealed, but in a well built enclosure tuned to 32 I was very unimpressed with the e12s sq.
  3. stangbanger

    Soundqubed HD'S 12

    I've had a single hds210 for a few months now, and if I had to do it again I'd choose differently. It's pretty loud, but the sound quality just isn't there. It's not very flat at all and rolls off hard at about 60hz (most people in the market for a budget sub don't have an incredibly strong front stage), and it loses control/authority pretty easily on combinations of bass lines/kick drums. That being said, if you mainly listen to hip hop/electronic music then you'll love them!