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  1. quick6gn

    Alarm Install Help

    the pink/white is second ignition. On Toyota/Lexus and some nissan models you have to use the second starter as well. use a relay. 86 and 30 to 12 volt constant, 85 to purple wire on small 4 pin plug (second negative start output on all dei products), 87 to second start wire in car, disregard 87a. or down and dirty (works fine most of the time) use 2, 6 amp or larger diodes on your single purple start output from alarm to make 2 output wires and simply run one to each of the lexus' start wires. The second start is usually a cold start wire, the car will probably start fine using only the first start wire but the first time it's cold as fawk the car isn't going to start correctly. Also what bypass/integration module are you using for factory immobilizer bypass?
  2. Not sure what your price range is but I've always been partial to mosconi amps for straight sq, just a little pricey. Older Mcintosh or MB Quart were always really clean as well. Just my opinion of course, i'm sure others will chime in as well.
  3. thanks guys, yeah RAM i was leaning towards 8+^3 the guy wants to crush the lows so he asked me to go between 25-28 hz. i appreciate the help guys.
  4. Like the title says I need someone with experience with these drivers. Customer is looking to have me design/build a wall in his 02 Ford Focus. 4 HCCA124 and 2 Audioque 3500d's. Im an autohrized DEI dealer which is the parent for Orion as well and nearly everything else on the market. They were absolutely no help whatsoever. Anyone with any knowledge on these subs please post here or PM thanks guys.