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  1. cfox10

    10 inch subwoofer

    Since I'm on team most of my gear would have to be offered to other members first. They are excellent drivers for the $$. Talk to Jay about what your after and he'll help
  2. cfox10

    10 inch subwoofer

    I'm on mobile...and vacation with family right now lol. I can get back on Monday
  3. cfox10

    10 inch subwoofer

    dunno if an SA10 would suit you but let me check the impedence on it and get back to you. it's just collecting dust right now.
  4. May not have needed a smaller belt. Or the pulley type is different now. Either could cause the issue. Before you put the other belt back on start it up without a serp belt and see if you have any unusual movement causing vibrations. Is it an adjustable tensioner or spring loaded? If adjustable you'd need to deviate from the stock pressure and adjust for a slightly smaller belt.
  5. Yes, you could break the tensioner, belt, etc. Is the alt new? Could be the bearing, pulley, or something else isn't aligned well?
  6. No problem. Your current belt specs: Number Of Ribs: 7 Width (In): 0.947 Inch Outside Circumference (In): 87.280 Inch The belt I mentioned: Number Of Ribs: 7 Width (In): 0.947 Inch Outside Circumference (In): 86.220 Inch So it's roughly 1" shorter. The next size down I could locate would be 85.xx inches and be a tad shorter. Hopefully this helps.
  7. Part: 7PK2190 Should work for your needs. Edit: Dayco part # 5070862
  8. cfox10

    Welding 4/0 50' lengths $150

    Electron Beams sale is over... but they just had 4/0 for $3.03 a foot with free shipping on $250 or more. You missed out. OP's deal is a good deal though, it looks pretty flexible.
  9. Yep, was running two channels on my JL mids/highs up front and one channel @.5 on my hds315 in the back lol I honestly couldn't believe it. The amp is tiny, 4 channels, etc lol... and I can't believe it's still going strong. I abused the hell out of it. That's one of those amps I won't sell to anyone because I know what I've done to it lol At some point it was just a "How long can it keep doing this" lol
  10. I was running my PPI 900.4 @ .5 on one channel for a long time lol I couldn't believe the amp was taking that kind of abuse. It's still going strong on my mids now.
  11. cfox10

    crappy day

    It'd be cheaper for me to buy two recones lol these motors are going for 4-500 each on the IA page. I gave him two working subs for $1k which is a good deal. Either way, I'm thinking about trading my 4 x12 v2's for the blown wardens and I'll just recone them to 15's and run them. I sold them to get 15's anyway.
  12. cfox10

    WTB: (4) sundown SA 15s

    I've got 4 x12's if you're interested
  13. cfox10

    crappy day

    Local guy to me. I offered him an AQ 3500, two minty sundown x's and $ for the IA's back. He's thinking on it. Otherwise I just spend the $160 on a recone for him and be done with it
  14. cfox10

    crappy day

    All good my man. The recones aren't too spendy. They did play fine for 30+ seconds lol I told him if it happens on the recones he's on his own though. He's had bad luck with gear lately so I figure I'll help him out anyway
  15. cfox10

    crappy day

    I wasn't their for them to be wired. Truthfully everything was out of my hands at that point. I have offered to pay for one recone though. I sold both in working condition for $1k which I think was very fair.