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  1. My point is, I don't see you putting cash in. My amps are waaaaayy better. You want a list?
  2. Thanks Taylorfade. That's me looking for another one of these. Let me know cash price. Thanks.
  3. chapdawg1971

    RD & DC hybrid Subs

    Meh....your thread is/should be closed.
  4. ....or you just rotate the sub for some fresh wood. Easy.
  5. I have an extra 800 with sleeve if you're interested, but I would get the 1400, but it's up to you.
  6. If you've found a 1400 for the same price I'd get that for sure. I have one as the front battery in my comp car and it's great. Get on to doing that Big 3!!
  7. No real voltage drop issues, it was getting at about 12.5v before and now it stays up to about 12.8v even in heavy transients. I forgot to mention that I do have the Big 3 done on this vehicle as well. Forgot to mention, it's one of the smaller Yellow Tops as well. One that had the right post configuration for a Nissan Titan.
  8. chapdawg1971

    Did I make my box to big?

    Just from looking at it, it looks like a foot or so should be cut from the back of that box.
  9. chapdawg1971

    Box bolts? And other questions

    I ground my alt. The more the better.
  10. chapdawg1971

    To port or not to port...

    Look up Derrick824, he makes them and they are nice. He's on another forum.
  11. I'm currently running over 2K with a Yellow Top up front and a Kinetik 800 under the back seat, stock alternator. I doubt you'll have issues using either one of those.
  12. chapdawg1971

    Nice PPI White Art Amps ProMos

    Dave, been texting bout that D9.....
  13. chapdawg1971

    Big A$$ Amps 4 Sale... Cactus Warhorse DD RD MA

    Dave, sent you a few texts. What would you do for me on that D9? Thanks man.