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  1. Anyone know anything about the potential of using Niobium clad copper for audio purposes? With very little knowledge my hypothesis is that because it is used as a superconductor that it would be superior. Something audiophiles might be interested in, but maybe it isn't a good idea for audio purposes. IDK just interested in general feel free to inject other talking points.
  2. i2ain2thunder

    My future audiophile

    Congrats on the new life in your family. Be prepared to have yet another person you can connect with very deeply. That relationship you have with your child is something else, you'll never wanna be without.
  3. i2ain2thunder

    Eclipse sw9122

    Such a beautiful sub. I have an eclipse deck and rear fill components they sound really really nice sq wise. This would be fun to swap with my Dayton HO 10s from time to time.
  4. i2ain2thunder

    Need help from someone with experience or knowledge.

    So I didn't have to take them to court. I documented all of my costs and receipts and settled for $3,673 they did give me some credit for the higher quality audio system and tinted windows. I decided to buy back my own car, because I like it. They took $400 off the settlement to keep the car (which is what they would of got at auction.) I got to keep the title and it will not have a salvage on it, so the title is still clean. I took the vehicle to a good friend mechanic. New clutch system, brakes and tires came out to $1200 and body work came to $900 so I cam out ahead about 1k.
  5. i2ain2thunder

    Who knows about Backup Cameras, wiring to HU, and Factory Adapters?

    I'm thinking this: Pioneer AVIC-8100NEX Navigation receiver at Crutchfield.com However is every backup camera hookup universal? Is there only certain backup camera's that will connect with this HU?
  6. i2ain2thunder

    Who knows about Backup Cameras, wiring to HU, and Factory Adapters?

    That's cool, I know there are HU's though that have a backup camera with an adapter...if anyone has experience.
  7. Wasup fellas, I've been here a while, got a build log and I've done plenty of car audio installations. However I've been growing out of touch with the modern world of car audio. I have a friend that wants help with building a new system. Here's what he drives: 2003 Lincoln Aviator Heres what he wants: An HU that has what I would consider to be "The works" We're talking HD screen, Android compatible, Blue-Ray Compatible, At least 3 sets of Preouts Front/Rear/Sub (decent voltage 4v or higher), Active Crossovers for LPF & HPF, Nice EQ, Capability for Backup-Camera, Capability to wire in to his factory Steering column controls, and needs to fit into the factory location as it has a cover that comes down to deter theft I'm thinking it's a standard double din size I'll look into that. The backup-camera has to be able to engage when the vehicle is shifted into reverse, and if possible it would be nice if it has those guidelines. First thing's first, is this possible? Do you have recommendations?
  8. Must be some weak a$$ amps
  9. You're clearly missing the concept of a "gain control"
  10. i2ain2thunder

    Best U.S. Built HO Alt on a Budget

    Because you didn't follow the rules of the forum? Yup it'll be deleted. Feel free to nuthug all you want just don't bring advertisements into the equation.
  11. i2ain2thunder

    FS: Audiobahn A150L Classic Old School.

    Sold and Shipped, to you.
  12. i2ain2thunder

    Time alignment

    My bad. When the OP said "move the sub to the front stage" I thought he was talking direction, in which case I wanted to clarify.
  13. i2ain2thunder

    Time alignment

    All these posts and noone mentioned that up to 80 hz is directionless?
  14. i2ain2thunder

    Need Advice/Help on blowing Subwoofer's

    No such thing as bad luck, only lack of knowledge, or experience. Set gains properly, use no boosts, (bass boost, eq boost, subwoofer level boost, all bad). Subs gain a ton of heat if they are not used properly and heat will fry your coil.
  15. i2ain2thunder

    Question over amp fuses a D what not

    Fuse ratings are a good general guideline for the true power an amp will do, but like above said it's really just which is better.