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  1. My 4awg is split into two 4 awg and powers a 125 x 2 amp and a 1200 x 1 amp. 4awg ground wire they both share. A 120 amp fuse near the battery. No issues. Going to change to 1/0 though just because my d blocks accept it and I have a fuse holder for it. Go 1/0 even if you don't pull 150 amps.
  2. Not much difference between .49 and .53. Get the 12 and make it work. Go for cone area if going sealed. Better yet do ported. Space makes bass. Cargo room is overrated.
  3. JL you pay for the name along with they design stuff in house they aren’t a cookie cutter brand. They also have a lot of employees that are paid well with benefits. All of this is passed on to the consumer.
  4. 2RZ-FE

    2019 Alpine lineup

    Best thing to do is use raw drivers and piece something together
  5. 2RZ-FE

    2019 Alpine lineup

    Alpine, Polk, JBL and Infinity for around $200. Image Dynamics, Morel, Hertz top lines only for me.
  6. MDF is the cheapest, $30 a 4' x 8' sheet or around $10 for a 2' x 4' panel. Need two or three depending on dimensions. screws, glue, caulk, at least $12 drill bits? t-square? More than $20
  7. 2RZ-FE

    Have an amp, need to choose a suitable sub.

    Screws that are flat under the head work better than ones with a taper to them like drywall screws. If your sub has a rubber gasket like my 12" Demon a pan head screw clears the holes in those as they are smaller than a drywall screw head. Using a drywall screw in my case goes in but will raise the gasket on its way out so you would need to pull the gasket away from the sub to get the screw out.
  8. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Not the OP but yeah. This thread got hijacked. Can a admin put my crap and everyone elses into its own thread?
  9. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    It's actually 5.75" inner diameter 6.25" outer I just got rid of the sharp edge so rounded it over some. A flared port I believe you need to add an inch to the length? My port is working fine.
  10. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Sounds as loud as the last one to my ears.. Wasted the Duratex on the last one. Caulking would show through stain. Probably get some more Duratex.
  11. 2RZ-FE

    Have an amp, need to choose a suitable sub.

    Looks good. Double baffle would look good. Larger cutout to fit over the sub to make it flush.
  12. 2RZ-FE

    Subwoofer weird rattling

    Push on the enclosure and see if it goes away.
  13. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    I will flare both ends of the port and I still need to round off the 3 inch brace for the baffle and the ends of the port support Also need to make the second baffle
  14. 2RZ-FE

    Subs go crazy after car shuts off

    I have had a amp go into protect and a sub go crazy even on volume 0 due to a bad sub rca on a deck.
  15. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Last box is heavy as heck. Now I'm building the back firing aero box out of 7 ply pine. Seems strong enough. A lot lighter and less dust. The SDR-35 riser pipe is 5.75" internal, 6.25" external. Don't care if it isn't as loud as the last one this is lighter and has less width so I have more room to remove my jackstand, jack, cables etc that are stored on the sides of the box.