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  1. Those are smaller depth subs made for sealed. Go for the EV3 if you want ported.
  2. 2RZ-FE

    How long will it last?

    Build one using a aero and meter both
  3. 2RZ-FE

    How long will it last?

    43.68hz? I wonder if kick drums would benefit from that tuning? I'm at 36hz with my 3003.
  4. Some 3/8" weatherstrip around the grill on the backside of the door panel is what I did. My 6x9 to 6.5 plates hits the weatherstrip for a nice seal between the two.
  5. 2RZ-FE

    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    Website shows $319.99 crossed out with the sale price next to it
  6. 2RZ-FE

    SSA ICON 12" Black Friday Deal! $239.99

    Waiting for the Demon price and box requirements myself. Hopefully my current 3003 box will work if not wood is cheap.
  7. 2RZ-FE

    How long will it last?

    Ran mine for 14 years. Built the "street bass" box which was 1.75cf @ 42. Wish they brought back the round ones.
  8. I thought you fuse for the total sum of the current draw? Like in the manuals it says what fuse size to use by the battery. Why would I fuse for 150 amps if my amps draw around 100 amps?
  9. 2RZ-FE

    Is my factory alternator enough?

    Only one way to find out. Stock alts are rated at max and at a high rpm we never see under normal rpm's. They are designed to power all the accessories and then some but not a whole lot. If you have enough reserve it will be fine but if you get flickering lights thats a sign that your electrical can't supply enough power for the demand.
  10. 2RZ-FE

    Which Speakers to get (Polk, Infinity, or JBL)?

    Looks like some of those are older models. MM6502 is the latest Polk MM series comps. Check their websites for current models. Sonic and Amazon seem to have old stock well after new models.
  11. I'll get epoxy next time I'm near it need to seal around the wire going into the box as well. Rounded off the inner edge of the ends also to avoid any noise.
  12. I can cut it down to 40hz and from there use a coupler and some pipe to tune lower. I scuffed the tube 2" from the end to remove the sheen. Made the hole in the box slightly larger so I can seal around it in and out with a saw dust and wood glue mixture. It's not going anywhere. Not sure how low Ice Cube plays but it played it no problem. No SSF either. Cannibal Corpse sounded fine too. Should I go 40hz for Cannibal Corpse?
  13. Scrapped the 3" port so ran it sealed until I tracked down some 4" PVC. Cut a piece 14.5" long for 36hz. The reason I scrapped the other box is to use an external port and have it fire off a wall. It will fire off that small section of wall between the taillight and wheel well. Wanted rear fire but don't have 18" or so in front of the box my amps are right behind it.
  14. 2RZ-FE

    Calculating Aero Port Length

    What is foam core PVC? Looking for 4" and that seems to be the white stuff and is foam core.
  15. 2RZ-FE

    SQ Subwoofers

    Don't hear much about RE Audio anymore since they added the X to the model. Do they sound alike or worse? I know the build quality looks cheaper but how do they sound?