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  1. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    This is the last one. Skipping the 3ft3 at 44hz. The other two are round port. Side port 2.8 at 40 and front port 3.12 at 39.22.
  2. 2RZ-FE

    Budget amp for 1 american bass 10' xd

    I'm using my bathroom to cut my wood. The toilet and bath tub wall works great as a saw horse. Tile floor is easy cleanup. Block the tub drain hole. Wet/dry vac and mop. I'm using a jigsaw for straight cuts and sub cutout and a circular saw for the 45 corner pieces. Dremel for round overs. Noise? F them during daytime hours.
  3. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Short on wood so will get some tomorrow. Need the front baffles and one side. The rest are cut.
  4. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Wood is cheap I probably already have enough on hand. I'll do the 3.28 @ 41.12 next.
  5. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Box is in and sounds good. Just the type of drum kick I was looking for. NWA hit well also. Thanks again.
  6. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Have not installed it yet maybe tomorrow. He said I should make another box anyway so I asked if it qualifies for a t line. Even if it does way too large.
  7. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Does this sub qualify for a T line? Lol
  8. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Box is done letting it dry overnight. Hopefully it's what I want if not have plenty of MDF left over...lol
  9. 2RZ-FE

    .87 cubic foot box - too big for a 10" too small for a 12"

    Bass line has subsonic filter and looks to be for subs only while the MD is good for everything. Both rated at different voltages too.
  10. 2RZ-FE

    .87 cubic foot box - too big for a 10" too small for a 12"

    Sundown SD3 10" are made for sealed. .5ft3 and 500 watt rms
  11. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Found 1 3/8 x 5 ft closet dowel for $9 at Ace. Good enough.
  12. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    That stuff is round and a flat section so not completely round. I can find closet hanger but usually 1.25"
  13. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Ace is close and the only place in town. HD, Lowes, JoAnn and Michaels are in Vacaville 10+ miles. I'll find it.
  14. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Glued, screwed and caulked. Sh!t dries quick in a 82 degree apartment. Sub cutout done. Where do you find 1.5" dowel?
  15. 2RZ-FE

    SSA Demon (10" & 12")

    Chose design #3. 2.7ft3 @ 40.5hz Cut the pieces and a test fit. Still need to buy 1.5" dowels for bracing. I'm going to use Spax screws to put it together. I tested a piece since its 3/4 and it did not split and no drilling needed.