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  1. 2RZ-FE

    All cheap amps garbage?

    Lots of cheap amps are cookie cutter thrown together stuff like the Vizio tv's. They don't have to pay salaries and benefits to real in house engineers like companies such as RF, JL and Alpine do. Pioneer amps lack subsonic filters. Other than that they are good for the money. Will they last as long? Who knows. The 9701 replaced the 9601. Not sure what changes besides cosmetics.
  2. 2RZ-FE

    cross-post: Matching amp to sub(s)

    Stadium 1000 replaced the GTR-1001. They added a remote level control and auto turn on switch and the power/protect lights were moved from the top to the side. The Infinity versions have a subsonic filter.
  3. 2RZ-FE

    Budget 4 channel amp

    Looks like multi channel are 1 ohm stereo capable and the mono amps all go down to 1 ohm but I think a few did already. The 5 channels are still 2 ohm. I replaced my 8604 with a RF P300x2. Don't need 4 channel and switched to a A/B amp. I'm digging those input/output clip indicators on my RF amp wish more had them. The 3003 sub needs an update its been out how long?
  4. 2RZ-FE

    Budget 4 channel amp

    New Pioneer amps are up at their website. Looks like a small cosmetic change nothing too drastic. FD are now class D. Still have the lame downward wire inputs according to five star car stereo. 1ohm stereo/1 ohm mono stable is new https://www.pioneerelectronics.com/PUSA/Car/Amplifiers/GM+Digital+Series
  5. 2RZ-FE

    Power Acoustik EG1-2500D

    Make sure the input sensitivity is set to 2v to 8v for a deck over 2v or else things will be quiet and you wonder why things aren't loud.
  6. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    Used a 1/2” long self tap with lock washer since the sheet metal is thin. Covered it up with some aluminum tape in case it backs out. Sprayed it down with some flex seal. It’s not going anywhere. Plenty of clearance behind there.
  7. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    Got it all done just need to swap out the fuse block and under hood fuse holder when the new goodies show up. I got rid of the relay and things seem fine. Jumped from the more powerful amp to the other. Ground is on the floor where it slopes from the trunk floor to under the seat, made sure it clears. Didn't want to run a long ground to the sides of the trunk. Now need to get some wire shavings out of the carpet...
  8. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    I ordered a new fuse holder for under the hood. http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/inline-fuse-holders/sp/in-line-waterproof-mini-anl-fuse-holder/. This will have a 120A fuse. The RF P300x2 amp has no onboard fuse so will be using one side of this. http://www.knukonceptz.com/mobile-audio/distribution-fuse-blocks/sp/bassik-2-way-4-gauge-fuse-distribution-block/. It will have a 50 amp fuse. My JBL GTR-1001 has onboard fuses so won't run an inline fuse. It says to use a 105 amp fuse at the battery but I'm being conservative on the gain running it at 2 ohm so treating the amp like its a GTR-601 or running it at 4 ohm so a 70 amp fuse will do. Bought extra fuses. The bottom of the seat comes out just by pushing back and pulling up at the front. I have the power wire running down the drivers side and running through the middle as it enters the trunk. My ground point currently is in the middle of the angled metal near the seat back between the floor and the trunk. May change it depending on where I rearrange the amps. RCA's are down the middle but away from the power. Speaker wires are down the sides away from the power wire. Now I need to decide if I really need the relay for two amp turn on or not. I will see how it goes without it. Will look into the wire loom.
  9. 2RZ-FE

    Best sub setup 2018 f150 super crew

    Yeah fuse is way small for that amp, do 100-120. Have another amp, add that to it. It will exceed the 150 amps of 4 awg so you should use 1/0 wiring.
  10. 2RZ-FE

    Amp and sound quality question/s

    I prefer A/B for highs but run a class FD Pioneer 8604. Have a new RF P300x2 that i'm going to put in that is class A/B. All wiring and rca on one side and controls on top. Hate the down angle of the wire inputs on the Pioneer. Sub amps I can go any class of amp.
  11. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    So where do you guys mount your amps in a trunk? Flat or standing up? Where is your grounding location? Where does your power wire enter the trunk area? Need ideas to clean this mess of wires up to make it neat.
  12. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    I unhooked the amp so I can change its mounting position. Rather have the power/ground wires running straight instead of at a bend. I also had some wire shavings to clean up on the carpet.
  13. 2RZ-FE

    American bass VFL-8" woofer depth?

    Remove material to gain depth. Router out 1/2" worth. A small 5x5 section with only 1/4" thick wood won't hurt rigidity.
  14. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    Got a solid power light with no deck connected just the amp powered up and its remote input connected to my power block. I also got a solid power light connecting the deck using the deck remote wire through my relay. Used no rca's both times. So something is wrong with the rca jacks on the deck since my old deck works normal.
  15. 2RZ-FE

    Amp in power protect

    GTR-1001went into protect whether I used the remote wire on the deck or bypassed it. I tried all the rca jacks on the back of the deck and the same thing. In a little bit I will try with no rca's connected.