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  1. garychoffmann

    Mystery subwoofer ....

    Touch the leads of your dmm together and subtract that off of the measurement.
  2. garychoffmann

    Sa12 replacement

    Get a bigger amplifier if you have to max everything.
  3. Are your amps grounded to the battery?
  4. garychoffmann

    Weird Sub Issue

    Sounds like shared airspace and wired out of phase. Or could be 2 subs in way too small of a box.
  5. garychoffmann

    weird cut off

    Remote turn on voltage when it cuts out?
  6. Are you wiring them seperately? You can wire each sub to 4 ohms. Both subs to 2 ohms, 8 ohms or .5 ohms.
  7. Just use the polk sr's. Don't add another random 10 to the mix the pioneer should be fine on those. I always run 0 gauge and reduce it at the amp. You could use 4 gauge if you would like.
  8. garychoffmann

    tweeter buzz problem with bass notes

    You are not using the supplied crossovers?
  9. garychoffmann

    Calling out @Hertz Mafia

    I never saw this coming...
  10. garychoffmann

    What’s a nice Phoenix gold m100 worth?

    Inbox is full. Is it fully tested? I have a skar T2000.1 not the rp.
  11. garychoffmann

    Build around Alpine X 12"

    Alpine X is a good sub. He has 1. Instead of always trying to tell people what they should have bought with no first hand experience. Actually read their post. He's looking for an amp. What would you like to spend? I have a few sitting here.
  12. Funny how on a car audio forum.... Mustang owners still "run into" each other.
  13. garychoffmann

    15" MTX 9500 subwoofer

    We need to know the impedance of your sub. Stay away from boss.
  14. garychoffmann

    Mixed Ohm subs

    Right now you are at 1.33 ohms. If you wire the alpine to 2 ohm the power would be divided 1000 watts to the alpine and 1000 watts to pair of pioneers. Whether the amp is actually 2000 watts is another variable. Mixing subs/sizes/impedences normally has a negative affect on performance opposed to actually gaining much. Especially in a shared enclosure.
  15. garychoffmann

    2X12" OR 1X15" which sounds deeper?

    A 12 or 15 will play the same range. One can go just as deep as the other and response is enclosure dependent. 2 12's would be louder based upon cone area of the exact same woofers. Assuming a correct box and same amplifier are used.