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  1. Guyver

    New 12" Brahma

    Still waiting on mine, ordered in Dec 2018. Was told they're still waiting on parts.
  2. Guyver

    Adire Brahma questions

    Are you still waiting on your Brahma? The waiting game sucks.
  3. Guyver

    Alpine Type X

    Looking to pick up a pair if 12's. Anyone out there experienced the new X, yet and how are the lows and SQ on them?
  4. Guyver

    Adire Brahma questions

    I love my XCON and will never get rid of it. Feel love with the shorting ring and how it sounds. Looking forward for the new XCON.
  5. Guyver

    Adire Brahma questions

    thanks and just picked up a 15 brahma directly from their site. The Skar is for sale but Xcon will never be.
  6. Guyver

    Adire Brahma questions

    Nice, I might just sell my Skar and pick up a 15 brahma. Just dont know how loud can they get.
  7. Guyver

    Looking for a loud clean bass woofer

    nothing wrong with the xcon, its good sub...just wanting to experience something different.
  8. Wanting to pull the trigger on a 15 but was wondering if its worth the $$$. I also realized that the cost of the brahma is similar to a FI BTL 3 and Fi Sp3, so what do you guys think, is it worth it? Can the Brahma get loud or as close to my Xcon? I currently own a Xcon 15 and just bought a Skar ZVX 15v2 but haven't hooked that one up, yet. Sub will be feeding off from Wolfram 3k. Thanks
  9. I currently own the Xcon and looking for something new, thinking about the FI BTL or Adire Brahma. What do you guys think? I know both subs are different but also heard that FI BTL puts out clean bass as well. Thanks
  10. Lol thanks! Also, a friend just told me that if I were to update stock alt to a ho alt, a new shorter belt is needed. Just wondering if that is true.
  11. Does anyone know if I have to bypass ECM/PCM for a 2009 Camry SE 2.4 if I were to replaced stock alternator to a 250 HO alternator? Sorry such a noob question.
  12. Another question, would you guys recommend charging a brand new AGM before installing? Sorry this is kind of a noob question.
  13. Nice! I was also looking at the X2 from Batteries Plus as well but price is $306 at check out so I might just go with a Northstar 24F for $301.
  14. Thanks everyone! I’ll look into the brands you guys mentioned, just need a decent main AGM and back up that will get the job done without breaking the bank.
  15. I was looking at them but are they worth the price and how good are them compare to XS?