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  1. des343

    One more, Amp Recommendation Request hehe =)

    Yeah. Typically the older ones are better. Happy hunting. No offense you are appear a little nieve and getting answers you have been asking about and clearly still arguing the fact in some instances. Maybe you ought to just figure it out on your own. Just do a lot of research.
  2. des343

    How many db

    I can agree with that.
  3. des343

    How many db

    Wow. Loudest I've personally heard were 4 15 inch VFLs at full power. 2nd loudest is 6 10inch XFLs. What part of Michigan are you from? I live in battle creek and there isn't anything I've seen within an hour or two of me that would really "impress" me. Biggest I've personally ran was 4 12 T1s black models and 4 12 w7s which put the T1s to absolute shame. SPL and obviously SQ
  4. des343

    How many db

    Pretty opinionated topic.....
  5. des343

    In or under the car?

    I've typically ran under my vehicals hard to fit 0 have thru the car. When I had my blazer I managed to run my wire through the actual frame of the car. Used the same run of wire for years in multiple cars
  6. des343

    How many db

    Do you consider impressive or at least above average? Opinions and or any statistics on the average system. Just curious I want to know what is considered good for comp purposes and what would you consider good for loud yet musical purposes
  7. des343

    Rockford punch 750x

    I can't seem to find any specific information? I've read it can potentially put out over 1000rms. But the only thing I've found that seems to be this amp is labeled a 750x.
  8. des343

    Trying to diagnose why subwoofer is rattling.

    Hahaha hahaha omg. I'm sorry I'm a total idiot lol!! I appreciate peoples help. So when I took out the speaker to play with it I noticed to box was I'm need of some work but it didn't seem too terrible just figured why not...so I added some glue and a few more screws and let it dry and everything put it all back in because at this point I planned to just beat on the sub and have fun till it gave in...however to my surprise no more noise...it must have been the box falling apart hahaha. I feel like a total idiot but a happy one Lol.
  9. des343

    Trying to diagnose why subwoofer is rattling.

    I tried that the sound doesn't sound half as bad but is still an odd sound. Hard to explain tho
  10. des343

    Trying to diagnose why subwoofer is rattling.

    Wow really?? How would that suddenly happen? I'm guessing nothing I can realistically do to fix it?
  11. des343

    Trying to diagnose why subwoofer is rattling.

    Wow really?? How would that suddenly happen? I'm guessing nothing I can realistically do to fix it?
  12. des343

    Rockford punch 750x

    Sorry this stupid phone I'll get them later
  13. I have an 08 model kicker L5 15. Yes I know they are very cheaply made plastic subwoofers. However it was free and works for me in my tiny dodge neon. Anyways I've been using it for a while now just fine no hiccups or anything have the geins set so well and such. Today out of nowhere I started hearing a terrible rattle almost like the box was falling apart or the car itself was rattling pretty bad...I turn it down don't hear it no more..so I turn it back up..it only really does it on very punchy type notes from what I can really tell. So I took it out of the box played with it hooked up checked coils... Looks for the cheap plastic to need glued back somewhere I see nothing physical or within any test I personally know how to do. Coils read perfect at 2ohms on the nose. It sounds as if its coming from somewhere within the center of the sub.. Personally just odd because it is causing no issues of any sort besides a horrid rattle. Any idea's? Besides getting a new sub (which I'm totally okay with just not at this current time) thanks.
  14. des343

    Rockford punch 750x

    No one?