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    49 Years Old, Married w/3 kids
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    Alpine 7909, Helix DSP Pro, A/D/S MX Amps, A/D/S 320i set & S8, 1- A/D/S RS12

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  1. ryanr7386

    Legendary Alpine 3331 EQ 11 band

    NICE! Pre-BBE EQ. No enhancments mean simple circuits for pure sound! How's the functionality of the sliders?
  2. ryanr7386

    wtb alpine cda 7949

    Just curious, you are familiar with this decks abilities or lack there of?
  3. ryanr7386

    ADS a/d/s 280CMX

    Bump, still in the market!
  4. ryanr7386

    ADS a/d/s 280CMX

    Bump, still in the market!
  5. ryanr7386

    ADS a/d/s 280CMX

    All a/d/s for Speakers and Amplification. Alpine 7909 into Helix DSP Pro for now, may switch to the Mini dsp 12 channel.
  6. Looking for a Second ADS a/d/s 280CMX Amplifier. Must be in Excellent to Mint Condition. Thanks