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  1. jar1zx


    Think you have a few on the Facebook page. i really need to get around to taking a vid of it playing. I just upgraded to iPhone xs max and I think it has a better camera than my old iPhone 6 did. so far I have enjoyed the evils, maybe I’ll get a 2nd IA80.1 and burp them at more power.
  2. jar1zx


    Hey how’s it going!
  3. jar1zx


    Taramps hd15k seemed to be a work horse. With my rise at close to 4ohms at 44hz wired at 1ohm it did 155.5 db, evo 12k doing same clamped 5k and got 155.1. I likes the remote clip light and never had a problem with amps. sound quality wasn’t the best tho and kick drum notes would carry over to next note. But would play just about everything on the Dj russticals line up. Cheap loud power and it wasn’t to hungry on my electrical system.
  4. jar1zx


    Ended up with 200 foot of 2/0 ofc. dual mechman 320’s with external regulator two ssa evil 18’s seems easy to post pics now.
  5. jar1zx


    Think 10k and the sq of an old PPI. Really enjoying this amp. Last year I tried SQ 7k. Ampere 9.0 and 7500, sound digital 12k evo. 1700 watt cross fire, taramps hd 15k, audio legion 3500. And a few others. the crescendo C1100.4 has been an ok-good amp, also fixed my old ppi powerclass 450 and it’s still amazing. Been awhile I just thought I’d pop in.
  6. Always need a fuse if your running a hot off the batt. (Fuse close to batt) Blocks are nice for system upgrades.
  7. jar1zx

    New show to watch

    Into the badlands
  8. jar1zx

    Need Help with JL Audio 300/4

    I took apart to clean and I slipped,dropping top plate and ripping out the 4 wires that run from board to status led's pulling wires off soldering point on small led board. 4 wires all a different color and led board has numbers 1-4 where the wires go. I need to know what color goes to what number so I can fix. Thx!
  9. jar1zx

    Which is the best amp !

    Both amps 1000 dampening factor I've never seen a rating like that in car audio. Thought the old ppi power class at 500 was among one of the best dampening ratings in car audio.
  10. jar1zx

    Which is the best amp !

    12k evo is rated at 12k at 12.6 volts Not sure who would buy power 8k rated at 14.4 for same price. Thd is good on both amps but .09 evo .015 power 1250 amps fuse rating on evo and think 800 on power 8k
  11. jar1zx

    2$ DIY clipping detector

    If sub needs to be hooked up how do I hear this lil tweeter over my subs? Kinda only read 1st page
  12. jar1zx

    Which is the best amp !

    Next show is April 14th 12:00-4:00 at north little rock AR. If your close by like top part of Louisiana
  13. jar1zx

    New h/u or just keep what I currently have?

    I used to update every year One year I didn't like the new hu's and have been running this avh8500xbs or something. It's lasted 2-3 trucks so far as I like to change out rides every 3 years. Have been seeing this network mode that's intriguing.
  14. jar1zx

    Which is the best amp !

    Arspl Forget name of town was 3 hour one way drive. Thinking about getting an evo!
  15. jar1zx

    Which is the best amp !

    Seen two evo 12k's clamp 18.8k at comp few weeks back. Just over 160 c piller build 4-hdc4-15.