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  1. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    Well dam....I may have just answered my own question. Just found this box online from a dealer and it is made for my truck! I never saw this box when I was buying all of my equipment but I think it might be worth the swap. I will have to sacrifice the reclining of my rear seats but I think I can deal with that. The box specs are 5.15 cubic ft and the port can be customized to whatever tuning I desire apparently. So my next question would be...what subs, on what power, with what port tuning frequency would work best for what I'm wanting. I don't want to be totally sacrifice the tight and accurate reproduction of fast bass notes and bass note distinction but I do want a more extended low end. Cost not really being an issue what would give me the best of both worlds so to speak?
  2. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    Okay so let's talk box porting for a second.... I have seen a lot of guys on different forums and a few videos on YouTube where they have used external porting on their enclosures. Went to the 12 volt.com and punched in a few numbers accounting for sub displacement of my existing skar subwoofers into the round port calculator and this is what it shows....see attached I have all three of my amps mounted to a rack on top of the box behind the seat but if I could make room on each side of the box for two 2" diameter round ports each 4.82" in length sticking straight up off of the top of the box with flared ends would that be an efficient way to Port the box or is my thinking off somewhere?
  3. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    Definitely agree with your last sentence for sure...but will it not be at least an improvement??
  4. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    No one? 😫
  5. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    ^^^^unless it's possible to use 2" pipe and port externally straight out of the top of the box like smoke stacks lol.....
  6. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    So you're saying zero difference or gain from switching to subs with double power or subs with more come area? Ported is not an option.
  7. txdog27

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    Yes, no, maybe so? Sell me these!!! Lol
  8. So I currently have a Dodge Ram 2500 Longhorn Laramie mega cab with my subwoofer enclosure behind the rear seat. It is a dual 10" sealed box with 1.25 gross volume in each separated chamber. I currently have two Skar Audio 10" Dual 4ohm EVL 1000wrms subs wired into 1 ohm on a Skar Audio RP-2000d amp. I have all of my dash and door speakers upgraded and running a full three way active front stage with rear fill coaxials, tuned off of an Audiocontrol DM-810 dsp, stock dodge 8.4 Uconnect headunit, and powered by two 4 channel amps. I have set all of my crossover slopes, time alignment, and gains correctly using the software and a couple of the SMD meters and have it tuned pretty close to about as perfect as it's going to get..... sounds great but I have way more headroom to get louder on my mids and highs and my subs are not able to keep up so I find myself disappointed with the bass output when I still have so much more output on my mids and highs to go. Don't get me wrong it sounds very clean clear and gets very loud but I still feel like my low end bass needs more output before I'm going to be satisfied. Now I know the obvious answer would be more cone area, go with a ported box, double the power Etc....but.... due to the placement and shape of the box I am not able to port in a very efficient manor and the box is as big as I can make it and I am limited to 7.5" of mounting depth. I am looking to replace the two Skar 10's with some higher output or larger cone area subs to see if I can increase my output but not having experience with either of the models I am considering, I was hoping someone on here might have some experience or some insight as to whether I would see any noticeable gain in my low-end output. This is what I'm considering as my two options thus far...... Choice #1 Two 10" Orion HCCA Dual 4ohm 2000wrms subs running off a Sundown SCV-4000D amp Pros: Double Power, stronger motor, more xmax Cons: Will have to cut and modify the back of the subwoofer box where the magnet would come into contact with the rear wall and extend it about an inch to accommodate the larger 8.25" mounting depth....currently only have 7.5" Choice #2 Two 12" Rockford Fosgate T1S1 Slim Mount 600wrms subs running off of my current Skar Audio RP-2000d Pros: More Cone area, slim fit, lower fs Cons: Would have to enlarge mounting holes in subwoofer box to 12", less power (though I have heard the RMS rating is severely underrated and is more likely around a 1000rms), and less xmax If anyone has any suggestions or tips or other advice in their experience with either of these subwoofers or possibly some that I have not thought of yet I would greatly appreciate it. The other subs I was looking into and would really like to get my hands on a pair is the SSA Xcon 10" but after searching around online for a couple of hours I quickly found out that they are hard to come by...... so if you have a pair for sale hit me up LOL But then again the new Icons are out so hmmmm?? 🤔 Thanks in advance!!
  9. txdog27

    FS: SSA XCON 10”subs. D1

    Still have these for sale bud? I'll take em if you do