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  1. Yeah I have found a lot of builds in a 2500 mega cab but always the older generation trucks that the seats do not fold flat all the way to the floor when you fold them down..... haven't found anything substantial in the 4th gen Mega cabs.... I'm definitely going to look into a back seat swap if it is possible because I hate that the seats fold all the way flat to the floor because if I had the 3rd gen mega cab backseat they fold flat but there is still like 10 in of space underneath the seats which would be perfect for mounting my DSP and my 3 amps.... And yes my stock Uconnect 8.4 nav unit is deeply integrated into my truck as well....had to use a PAC AmpPRO AP4-CH41 integration module to get the channels I needed for the amps, keep my steering controls and other Factory controls and just to retain the damn VOLUME control LOL.... I have custom Tweeter pods and mid-range pods mounted on my a-pillar at dash level and have just disconnected the two flat factory dash speakers at either corner of the windshield.... I had to retain the center channel speaker and I just upgraded it with a Infinity reference speaker because that is the speaker that the truck sends all of the warning Chimes for the front and rear sensors as well as the nav and speed warnings, which I wanted to retain.... was a pain in the ass to get wired in but I kept all factory features, warnings, and sounds.
  2. All of the audio pics I have this far...will post more as I progress with the installation....here are some randoms pics of the exterior of the truck this is all going in.... Still have Westin HDX front and rear bumpers to put on, the Amp Research Power Steps, a UWS low profile black toolbox ( to mount the extra two batteries in), a pair of Recon OLED Projector Headlights, and a pair or Recon OLED Smoked Taillights.......as soon as I have the time, there are just not enough hours in the day for all of this shit...fml
  3. txdog27

    Upgrading Subs / Two 10" HCCA vs Two 12" T1S1

    Haven't been on here in awhile... did you ever do your build in your mega cab? I am currently doing a rebuild on mine AGAIN so looking for inspiration on amplifier mounting locations LOL
  4. txdog27

    Choosing Subwoofers

    SSA Icon 12's were on sale for like $219 or $239 or something like that last I saw.... definitely check those out....they are worth every penny even at $319 full price
  5. Starting the electrical upgrades this afternoon....new alternator, new batteries, new wire, big 3, cutting factory wires and crimping on new terminals for bolt down terminal plates.... Got a Mechman 320A Elite Alternator, Two Northstar Group 31 AGM batts, Two XS Power XP3000 batts, 4 rolls of XS Flex 1/0 OFC wire 2 blue and 2 black, 2 rolls of Mechman 4ga OFC wire 1 blue and 1 black, ILL Kustomz 6 spot terminal plates 1 pair for each of the two northstar batteries under the hood.... Gotta start ripping out all of the KNU Kolossus Flex wire and RCA's that are in the truck now and run the new.......and yank out the old stinger fuse and distribution blocks and put in the new SMD fuse blocks and bars.
  6. Test fitting the front baffles and the subs and making sure all of my LEDs work properly.... this is my current progress as of now.... will be pulling the subs back out, glueing and screwing down the front baffles, sanding down and rounding out the edges of the box, and putting a final layer of duratex on the entire exterior of the box except for the brown vinyl portion.... the 3/4" acrylic inserts are being laser-etched today with logos and then we'll be glued down in place tonight and the sub enclosure part of this build should be done.... now I am at a crossroads on what to do with my amps.... I really don't want to mount them on top of the box but I do not see too much choice for as big as they are..... it is the smallest section of the entire box on which they would mount onto so there would not be any box flex on the top panel and with some rubber spacers and foam I should be able to keep the vibrations to a minimum so hopefully they would not suffer too much....but still...fml The amps I'm installing are one Incriminator Audio IA20.1 and two Incriminator Audio IA3.4's.... when lined up end to end I have just enough room on top of the box to fit them up there and with ample space to put RCA's and the wire.... racking my brain on trying to figure out how to build some sort of rack or case or something to make them look a little nicer than just screwed down to the top of the box......
  7. Thanks brother...wait you lost me? You "have" or "have not" found a lot of big audio builds in one tons? I've had a hard time finding anything besides just a basic subwoofer install in my model of truck.... trying to figure out where to put my speakers up front was not fun either as I'm running a 3-way active front stage with rear fill coaxials in addition to the subs and no one else has really done it....
  8. 3rd try at designing the front baffles....just didnt like the 1st two....literally hate mounting the DSP here but not much of a choice since my rear seats literally fold flat to the carpet when folded down and I've used up almost every square inch behind the seats, and I cannot mount them under the front seats due to the air conditioning vents for the seat cooling.... so I just attached two layers of 1/4" closed cell foam under the DSP and used 1/4" x 3/8" inch rubber grommets on the screw down points to float the DSP off of the baffle face with some cushion and springiness...used threaded inserts in the baffle and 10-24 screws to mount it and put a little blue threadlock on the screws when I tightened them....hopefully it lives through the vibrations.....
  9. More box progress...port and bracing put in....duratex coated inside box....terminals and wire installed...
  10. 1st test fitment of box design after days of measuring and cussing at Win ISD.....
  11. Carpet layed back down..... already noticed a big difference in not being able to hear my diesel exhaust anymore....
  12. Putting dampener on all interior panels....