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  1. Falcons


  2. Falcons

    Chris isnt loud, hes quiet af

    **** this is gonna get crazy lol
  3. Falcons


  4. Falcons


    Show me the carfax.
  5. Falcons

    Build me a conputer

    Exactly what I needed! Thanks bro!
  6. Falcons

    Build me a conputer

    That's my problem. I'm not sure what is compatible with what. I know I need at least 16gb of ram although I'd like 32, and good graphics card but that's about it.
  7. Falcons

    Build me a conputer

    Hey guys, I'm looking to start up a YouTube channel soon, so I need a new computer. The wife wants a Mac but I know for sure I can build a better computer for the same price. So with that being said, this is what I need it to do: -upload 4K video in a decent time frame -stream live video in 4K -be able to video edit on a professional level -handle daily activities such as paying bills, using word, excel etc. (I know this isn't a problem) My budget is $1500 but I'm willing to go up to $1800 if need be. If I'm missing anything let me know, that's why I'm here. If my price point is off then let me know about that as well. Just trying to get a clear cut plan so I can move forward. Thanks guys.
  8. Falcons

    Is an alternator needed for 3k

    I would get a ho alt, (I recommend singer but it's your call.) and an agm up front and an agm in the back. I just like to be careful and follow ohms law.
  9. Falcons

    THE Thread

    Damn this is still going? Good shit lol keep it up boys!
  10. Falcons

    Car audio wire

    Just ordered a northstar agm34 battery from @GPcarAudio\.com thanks man I'll be ordering a bunch of material from you soon
  11. Falcons

    Car audio wire

    Alright cool thanks brotha.
  12. Is sky high still the go to? If not post up where to go boys.
  13. Falcons


    Need some new over the ear headphones. Which do you guys recommend? I listen to a lot of Pink Floyd, rush, 70's rock, some hip hop....pretty much anything but country. Looking for pure sound quality. Price isn't an issue.