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  1. Falcons


  2. Falcons

    Chris isnt loud, hes quiet af

    **** this is gonna get crazy lol
  3. Falcons

    Is an alternator needed for 3k

    I would get a ho alt, (I recommend singer but it's your call.) and an agm up front and an agm in the back. I just like to be careful and follow ohms law.
  4. Falcons

    Car audio wire

    Just ordered a northstar agm34 battery from @GPcarAudio\.com thanks man I'll be ordering a bunch of material from you soon
  5. Falcons

    Car audio wire

    Alright cool thanks brotha.
  6. Is sky high still the go to? If not post up where to go boys.
  7. Falcons

    please help!! keep frying subs!

    Man you guys have some patience. I couldn't deal with this ****. Lmao
  8. Falcons

    Agm battery

    [quote name='dailyrider123']Juicebox batts. Is on par check them out or ask @massivespl about them[/QUOTE] Alright cool I'll wait for him to get in here[COLOR="Silver"] [SIZE=1]---------- Post added at 08:18 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:17 PM ----------[/SIZE] [/COLOR]Haha just noticed that too. I'm probably gonna stick with xs. I'm gonna have another in the back and run 4k so I wanna match.
  9. Which agm battery is gonna get me my best bang for my buck? Is xs power still the best or is there a more equivalent cheaper option? I'm looking at the xs power d4800 for my starting battery.
  10. Falcons


    Guud deel.
  11. Falcons

    Sundown x 12

    Guys over here complaining about his sundown x and here I am wishing I could try it lol. Low frequency is where it's at.
  12. Falcons

    black friday specials

    I'm hoping to score an impact driver and drill combo set. Need one for my job.
  13. Gain doesn't work like a volume knob. Don't feel bad is a common misconception. You could have your gain a quarter of the way up and you could be clipping. It's all install dependant.