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  1. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    from what i can find, i dont see a good way, except ipod or aux
  2. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    bump, someone wants this right?
  3. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    Bump for 155 shipped
  4. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    Bump $155 shipped get it while it's still here!
  5. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    Personally I like the 9887 better than my 80prs sound wise, but functionality wise and ipod control wise I prefer my 80prs and that is why I use it in my car instead of the 9887. I think the 9887 is just a very smooth and warm sound. I've never heard the 880 so I can't compare the sound quality to that honestly.
  6. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    I could use some good mids, but besides that I'm set for a good while. I really need cash unfortunately :/ but let me know. PM me what you got mid wise.
  7. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    Yeah. This just sounds more natural, the sound is smoother than the 80prs. It's hard to describe. The 80prs sounds like the edges are sharp while these are nice rolling curves.
  8. etm34

    Alpine CDA 9887

    thank you, but im not interested
  9. etm34

    Mids to Compliment Vifa Tweeter

    hmm well my phone never posted the ot19's are better ffor car installl in my opinion and their frequency response suit my needs better than others. plus i have heard very good things about them.