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  1. Heeltoeclutch

    Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

    Sorry for the crazy late reply - but if you haven't figured it out yet, put photos of your background on flash drive/SD card, then under settings -> appearance (or something like that) go to wallpaper and choose to use custom pictures. I BELIEVE that is how it's done - I did it a long time ago so it's a little fuzzy.
  2. Heeltoeclutch

    Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

    Hi Alex, nope not that advanced I have never felt a need to, though, as you are never looking at something that is bigger than the screen, if you know what I mean. In what situation were you expecting to need this ability?
  3. Heeltoeclutch

    help!!! senior project!!!! ASAP

    I guess the thing is - doing a paper on "car audio" is like doing a paper on "cars" or "people" or "food;" all have billions of facets and subinterests and subdisciplines within them. The paper could either give an overview of many different subdisciplines within car audio (SPL, SQ, shows, installation techniques etc.) or could focus on one or two, explaining in depth and how either relates to your installation. You don't want the paper to lack direction. I'd say the most important thing would be to first identify which you want to do - give an overview or an in-depth analysis. Also - no need to make two separate threads, one is plenty and pops up on the homepage.
  4. Heeltoeclutch

    Please help senior project on car audio

    Haha that's a pretty cool topic for a school paper. What's the prompt/what class is it for? Knowing what the teacher is looking for will enable us to better assist you.
  5. Heeltoeclutch

    budget build

    +1 for DCONs. I've gotten countless compliments on mine - single 10 in a 1 cube 32 hz aeroported box off a super SQ amp. also, this if you're looking for really cheap. Put one in the fiancee's car 1.5 years ago-ish and have been impressed constantly. Dono about "800 watts" business, but it's been solid.
  6. Heeltoeclutch

    Cheap 8" sub

    I've got a Sundown E8, used it for about a week in a tiny sealed box and then tried something else, been sitting in plastic since. Almost brand new. $50+ship? PM if you're interested
  7. Heeltoeclutch

    Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

    Yep you just use a standard 5-pin relay (it's got to have the 87a pin) that you can get at any radioshack or electronics store. Sorry man wish i could help - i dont use the actual pioneer cord anymore and have no idea where it is
  8. Heeltoeclutch

    Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

    Yes it is truly excellent. 4 gigs of ram in a phone and dual 1.2 ghz processors... crazy business. Haven't rooted yet, waiting to talk to my resident phone-genius app-writing friend I feel like they've finally gotten android tuned just right - extremely easy and smooth interface but still has lots of character. This is my first experience with 4G/LTE as well - screamingly fast everything.
  9. Heeltoeclutch

    Are you able to help me out ??

    If it ends up being a little too thick to fit in the amp wire hole thing, you just take the wire cutters you used to cut the wire to length and cut down a little bit onto the wire to cut off some of the outer strands, thereby making that part of the wire a little thinner. Once you get to it it's quite self-explanatory. edit: lol
  10. Heeltoeclutch

    Are you able to help me out ??

    Ha yes it is - most good audio companies who say their wire is 4 ga, if you actually measure it, it will record as larger than 4 ga. This is good and is done so that their wire can handle more current than their competitors and can look sexier. Crimping a terminal onto a wire is the process of smushing the metal terminal onto the copper wire to attach the two. Here is a picture showing the process of crimping a small connector onto a small wire. edit: omG I've committed a crime http://www.ultimatehandyman.co.uk/bc6.jpg
  11. Heeltoeclutch

    Are you able to help me out ??

    The kits I linked I believe are both 4 gauge - albeit their 4 gauge is actually 2.97... soooo it's pretty large and might require trimming anyway That is correct - it comes with 4 ga Power wire with fuseholder and fuse for battery to amp 4 ga Ground wire for amp to ground 12 ga speaker wire for amp to sub RCA cables with remote wire attached (very handy) for amp to head unit Big Terminals for power and ground wires Wire ties and wire loom (which is nice) The only thing left is figuring out how to crimp the big terminals onto the 4 ga wire. people do it a number of ways - I've used vices and hammers and stuff cuz I'm too cheap to buy the proper (somewhat expensive) tool. On the whole these methods have worked well for me
  12. Heeltoeclutch

    Are you able to help me out ??

    Here are two possible, high-quality kits well within your budget: KnuKonceptz Ultra Flex KCA 4 Gauge Amp Install Kit CCA (817069010303) | eBay KnuKonceptz Complete 4 Gauge Kolossus OFC Amp Kit | eBay The top one is cheaper because the power wire is not pure copper - it's called CCA (copper-clad aluminum). It is cheaper, but it cannot handle as much current. I'm not sure I'd be comfortable running 800W through it. The second one's power wire is made of OFC (oxygen-free copper). It is pure copper, and therefore can carry more current safely than the CCA. I'd recommend this one for your application. It comes with RCAs and 20 ft of 12 gauge speaker wire and lots of other fun goodies. Knu makes good stuff. I'm running the first kit, but I'm running less power than you.
  13. Heeltoeclutch

    Are you able to help me out ??

    Welcome to the forum. Essentially you can decide (roughly) what gauge power wire based on how much power you're planning to run. I'm honestly not sure what is recommended for 800W - offhand I'd think 4 gauge is cutting it a little close. Something else to consider is if you think you'll ever upgrade - it's often a better idea to start with bigger wire so you have room to add more power later. Choosing the gauge for the speaker wire can be decided the same way - how much power is going through it. I've run 100 through 16 gauge fine, 200 through 14 gauge fine... let us know how you're setting things up and then we can help determine these things. The gauge for the remote wire does not matter much at all - the amount of current going through it is extremely small. I've used 22 gauge remote wire before with no problems. If you buy an amp install kit like that one you described, the fuseholder is always included, and putting it on the power wire is quite self-explanatory. If you end up needing help you can ask on here and anyone will help you.
  14. Heeltoeclutch

    Pioneer AVH-P4300DVD

    I just got the Nexus as well! Loving every bit of it. I have not tried an iPad - I am curious if this works as well. I asked in another thread awhile ago about getting Android running on it; didn't have much luck. I was thinking building a small box to house the components and output the display to the A/V in, but then the touchscreen wouldn't work... etc. Then I thought about just outputting via my old Droid, but it didn't have video-out. The Nexus does though, so when I have time I'll look into that. I am not aware of any firmware updates - there is nothing under the downloads section of Pioneer's site in the 4300 section.
  15. I haven't made billions of competition boxes or anything, but Titebond and Titebond 3 has worked great for me - we use 3 when we make skateboards/longboards, and they go through a lot more moisture and dirt and other types of abuse that sub boxes don't see. I had a little gappage in my first and I did the sawdust+glue thing and it worked well. As for caulk I just used generic clear silicone from wal-mart or something and it's done fine.