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  1. Replace under hood battery with a good agm, and add at least 1 or 2 more batteries in the back, along with a quality high output alternator to be safe.
  2. You can set the gain on the amp with whatever sub setting you want. It really doesn't make a difference (as long as the signal being sent to the amp is not clipped). You have more range if you set the gain with the subwoofer volume up, as you can attenuate it down as much as you need to. For instance my kenwood clips at 33/35 with +13 subwoofer setting. If you bump it to +15 (max) it clips at 29/35. I can choose to set the gain at either point, knowing exactly where I cannot go past either way. I should say this is also h/u dependent. If your subwoofer volume control boosts certain frequencies, it is best left at 0.
  3. Chriszle

    component speaker impedance together on a channel

    Impedance will depend on the component set.
  4. Chriszle

    are these amps ok?

    With those subs mentioned, you would be best off getting a single 1 ohm stable amp and paralleling all the subs.
  5. Chriszle

    focal 165 a1 or dls 426?

    Comes down to personal preference. You could ask 10 different people and get 10 different responses.
  6. Chriszle

    Build Name: WubWub

    My advice is if you are doing a single sub setup would be to go with a 15" or possibly an 18" depending how much space you want to give up.
  7. Chriszle

    Likelihood of my Alt Handling a Heavy Load

    If your stock alt is 100 amps, and you are planning on only running 1200 watts, 4 gauge wire will be sufficient for your big 3. It seems as though you are on a tight budget, and it will save you some money over buying 0 gauge, which won't get you any noticeable gain.
  8. Chriszle

    Is Malm & Co. for real? $3.95 for a opti2000d?

    Could be a few things, one a scam site, two a typo, three not a scam/typo, but shipping will be $400.
  9. I'd avoid the third option personally. Out of the CT, and SQ, I would buy whatever I got a better deal on. With a 4k sub stage. I would have a hard time believing anyone could tell the difference in sound quality between the three in a blind test.
  10. Chriszle

    How did i blow my 12inch Kicker Solo X?

    That pic is great. I'm not hung up on the design man. You asked questions, I explained my reasoning. To each their own, as long as you are happy that is the main thing. I know I am happy rocking my round subs, so to each their own. Have a great holiday weekend.
  11. Chriszle

    FS: Sundown NS-1 V2

    You might want to do a little research on ct sounds. In any case, good luck with the sale up, beast of an amp.
  12. Chriszle

    How did i blow my 12inch Kicker Solo X?

    Notice that I said may limit, those are the key words. Throughout this discussion, I presented the reasons why it may. I am glad Kicker took care of the issue. I do remember hearing about a lot of issues early on with the cone failiure. My contention is that the design presents unnecessary stress on the soft parts. If the soft parts are up to the task, you shouldn't ever have issues.
  13. Chriszle

    How did i blow my 12inch Kicker Solo X?

    You are correct, I am aware of other companies using the same design. My guess is they seen the popularity in the Kickers and imitated them at a lower cost trying get a "piece of the Kicker pie" (see what I did there), not because it is a good design. The gain in cone area also means a larger box requirement coincidentally occurs when stepping up to round sub of larger diameter. The tooling cost mentioned could be a possibility, however, tooling cost wouldn't be an issue as all manufacturers made square woofers (which in my mind, if square was better, round subs would be almost obsolete by this point).
  14. Chriszle

    How did i blow my 12inch Kicker Solo X?

    Not to mention, if square subs had a design advantage over round ones, I do believe that companies like DD, Sundown, IA, TC sounds, among others, would have square woofers on the market. There is a reason that they don't bother.