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  1. Wacky7

    Kenwood DDX790 And Android ?

    There a new firmware update on the website. I have a DNX 690HD. They fix the bluetooth be able to text and do see music listing on the bluetooth steaming on droids phone. If you want to see video like AVI or movies or music video I think you need a usb memory stick or a SD card on to the deck. I did try plugging in my phone from the USB some how it doesn't read the memory card that is in the phone or all the music and video in the phone or any other things that are on the phone. I did try all the setting to be able to get phone to connect and read from the USB from the deck there is no way. I don't know what happened to the kenwood forums seam like they are down. The 990HD is about the best there is out there. But it does the same thing as the 690HD 790HD but more options. You might end up getting an Iphone. I don't know any other deck that would do same scenario as the Iphone setting be able to see everything on the other phone like videos and youtube and things like that. I wish it would for the droid android and blackberry or any other phone. I think our phone needs an update for USB video steaming other programing to our deck. But most of the droid have a min HDMI that steam video from the phone. But windows phone I have no idea but they said it support it.
  2. Wacky7

    SQL comp set

    Amazon.com: XXX6.5C - RE Audio 6.5" XXX Series Car Component Speakers: Car Electronics if you want something cheaper. I heard they are good.
  3. Wacky7

    SQL comp set

    That blue looks awesome..
  4. Wacky7

    SQL comp set

    6.5" CDT Audio HD-62 Component Set Package or Image Dynamics CTX-6.5cs or Polk Audio MM6501 or Rockford Fosgate T3652-S.. All depend what you want it and how much you can afford. You can get a 3-way or 2-way or custom build your set. What is your budget range?
  5. Wacky7

    toyota camry componet install question

    To me locations for the tweeters should be right by the door handle on the right side from the driver side door panel. Or you can put it little lower from where by the locks and windows switch panel is that little curve spot would do good for facing you and the rest of the area inside of the car. It up to you. I have always thought the dashboard is a 3" or 2" speaker in it I may be wrong.
  6. Wacky7

    Wiring a tweeter and mid

    Yeah I understand. Here a pic of what I meant maxed out just all in hz range far in level I wouldn't go that far lol. The max that does clipped out above the 6 on the levels. I do play around with it which goes louder in the level sound range. If I ever needed more sound area and loudness into the speaker 1-3 good enough. Going above level to 8 you can hear the distortion sound when gaining at a louder volume pass 26. Bringing in level 0. I can hear distorted at pass 30 so I guess that is max for the HU As far as my mids goes. It doesn't really need a HPF from what it does 25hz to 4,000hz it does play fine the max is 120 Watts RMS and I am doing 80 watts RMS kind of a under powered for this mids. ---------- Post added at 01:16 AM ---------- Previous post was at 01:16 AM ---------- Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting
  7. Wacky7

    Wiring a tweeter and mid

    Awesome.. Now I understand. Thanks you very much. I am in the stage of understanding and learning. My last tweeter was cheap and nasty chrispy blown out made by GT gravity GT100 and they told me it already got a blockers on it which they lied to me. I wanted to buy some real nice tweeter but didn't have the money for it. I was even scared to even blown a high fancy tweeters up. I already spend a lot on a old truck which doesn't need all that high $ equipment on it. And till now as you know free kenwood tweeters from a friend of mine. I did some three hour tuning on it. Sounded a lot better. This system how it hooked up as: Deck Kenwood DNX 690HD the Equalizer is turned all the way max and loudness is on and Qx is on. Sub is on. Sub level is 0. X Crossover is on standard. The front channel from preout is connected to an audio cable into a Kicker 03KQ30 30-Band Equalizer. The rear channel preout is running a 2nd Kicker 03KQ30 30-Band Equalizer. Both of the Kicker Equalizer hook up to the Kenwood XR-5 amplifier for front and rear channel for the 4 channel. The amplifier LP/HP is off straight full range sound for the 4 channel. The kenwood deck did sounded like a boombox without the two kicker equalizer. Trust me it was awful for a SQ system. The two kenwood tweeters in the front doors have the regular bass blocker/crossover/capacitors that came with the components KFC P709ps it is rated at 4.9khz and the CDT M6+ midrange subwoofers is parallel. The other two kenwood tweeters are in the back doors with the stinger blocker/crossover/capacitors rated at 5.6 khz and the CDT M6+ midrange subwoofers is in parallel. Remember The blocker/crossover/capacitors is not hook up to the mids.They are running straight from the amp. The Deck Subwoofer preout channel audio cable is hook up to the Kenwood XR-5 amplifier. The amp already have a LP filters on it is doing 20-150hz. I have to tell you guys it sound nice. Very nice complete Hi-FI sound watching DVD and jamming out DTS music by The Eagles lol.. Anyway I thanks you guys again. You guys rocks!!
  8. Wacky7

    Wiring a tweeter and mid

    Brownvanman I think the mid rating is at 10hz to 4,000hz and the amp is at is at 20hz to 20,000hz. The tweeter is in blocker of 0hz to 5,600hz above that 5,600 is ok for the tweeter. So you saying I need something for the mid to block above the 4,000 hz?
  9. Wacky7

    Wiring a tweeter and mid

    ok. yea.. I think I got it Yeah by going in series is a bad idea trumpet. That not what I had in mind. What I am going to do is by wire them in parallel and put the capacitors/bass blocker on the positive side on the tweeter. But I thought maybe they will becomes 2 ohm by doing this. I have also thought the capacitors will change it hertz freq by going parallel. Because of two speaker on the same line. Thanks guys, I appreciate it.
  10. Wacky7

    Wiring a tweeter and mid

  11. Wacky7

    Car speakers VS marine speakers

    I see different panel covers that about it..
  12. Wacky7

    Which 4" x 6" should I get?

    They are in a pair from amazon http://www.amazon.com/Pioneer-TS-A4674R-A-Series-3-Way-Watts/dp/B004CLYOIC
  13. Wacky7

    Wiring a tweeter and mid

    Hello. I am wondering if you guys can help Ok I have kenwood kfc p709ps tweeters. But I am wondering are they 4 ohm?? And I have CDT 6.5 M6+ mids and I know they are 4 ohm. But the tweeter I have no idea. I am about to hook up a Stinger bass blocker to the tweeter and the bass blocker are rated at 5.6 khz 4 ohm. If I hook the tweeter and mid up they become 2 ohm right?? So the blass blocker will end up at 2.8 khz at 2 ohm?? I have picture of the diagram of the stinger bass blocker I did email them and they said it able to use 2 ohm.
  14. Wacky7

    Can someone answer this?

    your Grand Cherokee sure whatever you want it call it.
  15. Wacky7

    Can someone answer this?

    why would I want something that going to rattles the doors and windows on a pickup truck lol. that sig is not a SPL... take a look