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  1. akheathen

    Amplifier 1 Ohm stable.. Sub 1/2 ohm

    that amp doubles from 4 to 2 ohm, then barely makes 20% more at 1 ohm.... that tells you that, even though it is rated to handle 1 ohm, its not done well. .5 is probably a drop in power. just run it at 2 ohms and take the 2500.... beside that, you shouldnt be running over 1200 on the best stock alternator anyways. it's usually a 800rms max for most vehicles, but 1k is often done okay.
  2. akheathen

    Amp gurus- orion hcca2100

    cpacitors are likely degrated.
  3. akheathen

    How to diagnose an Amp in protect?

    mostly what i see on those, is broken connections at the board/terminals, bad display (yes, that does shut it down), and blown fets, which you can see.
  4. akheathen

    Monoblock has two inputs

    every mono amp, has one output. it may have 2 or more sets of terminals, but its still one ouput, just split, so you can hook multiple sets of wires easily....... also, if it smoked, something is not "just fine"..... something smoked, and that means something burned, and is damaged. no exceptions.
  5. akheathen

    Old School Soundstream Repair

    i would never mod an a/b soundstream to a class a, or high bias. here is why: a 1000watt rms ab has power fets that are rated to support less than 900 continuous, and an output section capable of over 2k.... so, if you go class a, you have to subtract the bias power from the musical power.... so, after figuring the bias power, and an output stage built to react differently, you will end up spending 600 to turn a 1k into a 200, that will likely blow the power section. if you want a class a, buy a class a. they are built differently..... if you want to upgrade one of those ab with a beefier power supply, that's a much better option, and you can go higher bias on that, with the same class a performance.
  6. akheathen

    Elemental Designs NINe.1 FOR PARTS OR REPAIR

    Did it sell or what?
  7. Long story short, I built something similar well over a decade ago and it failed miserably. ... but it only took one baffle to turn it into a simple ported enclosure that hit hard....... allong my travels, I found that the general principal will work, but it takes a whole lot of calculating to get it to work, or sheer dumb luck. .... not something I suggest taking on just for fitment issues. There are other options. I'm a fan of glassed into the rear sides, but, if you already fit 2 rear-firing, then perhaps, look at fitting the orts above or below...... or even bandpass, ported through the rear deck.
  8. akheathen

    Replacement Amp for McIntosh MC425?

    well, there's a great many amps that put out nice, clean power, but i'm mostly a collector of old school amps, especially us made.
  9. measuring the board isn't going to tell you much. where you have the thermistor ("wired sensor"), move it to the heat sink, away from the caps. you can see on the other side of the board, closer to the ambient wireless sensor, there is a thermistor screwed to the heatsink (case) between the output transistors. that's what you are shooting for on the power supply section. (where i told you to put the "wired sensor") 95% of anything that generates heat is clamped to the case, or it would overheat in seconds and fry.
  10. akheathen

    2 Alpine mrx-m110 not playing

  11. akheathen

    Old school ridiculousness

    yah, i was being facetious.... every autotek he is selling has the same description...... i saw quite a few amps i have (or versions of) in there..... also some overpriced junk, even if it is nos.
  12. akheathen

    Replacement Amp for McIntosh MC425?

    well, that is a fairly malleable requirement. i have many options on the shelf, depending on power/space/impedance requirements. many old school pieces, some newer, and i can work a deal for the broken 425.
  13. akheathen

    Old school ridiculousness

    idk, i have one of these and a matching 400, and i could've swore that it was not "the most sought after autotek ever made."....... Old School Autotek 800X 2 Channel Amplifier RARE Vintage Street Machine | eBay
  14. akheathen

    Subwoofer Size/Box Help

    depends on what you are putting it in and where.
  15. akheathen

    Suggestions, Input, Constructive Criticism

    can't really tell, but i bet the box is a little on the small side for the power level. otherwise, it should do fine either way.