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  1. ccapital83

    Budget 12" SQ Subwoofer

    https://www.amazon.com/Infinity-Kappa-1200W-Audio-Subwoofer/dp/B072N44N3L#customerReviews This sub hits lows like a basement sub yet still has its signature sq properties its a shockingly nice sounding subwoofer and nicely built/designed also. Its not a monster ground pounder style loved on here but honestly I like it more than the Dayton! and it would be louder than your current setup. Read the reviews for it on every single website.......
  2. ccapital83

    Is this any good always wanted it

    https://www.parts-express.com/morel-mw-1054-classic-series-10-paper---carbon-fiber-cone-subwoofer--297-134 I've always wanted this sub woofer I currently run morel mids and high and really like them. I know nothing about their sub woofers and wouldn't know what to expect from a 5.1 voice coil. I like the specs and looks. I know this forum is more of a spl forum but I love it here and value all your opinions. Just curious about the coil and in general does morel make good sounding sub woofers? Tried doing some research not much on them especially from forums any opinions or insight very appreciated
  3. ccapital83

    Can you mix speaker component parts?

    I put in some focal Iss components last week. I love everything about them expect the tweeters I put some hours on them hoping for them to smooth out but they are just to tinny for me I always preferred silk. But I just love everything else about them the mid bass is astounding clean punchy tight and loud so even though I have never done this I was wondering I have some Scan-speak ring radiator silks I love if I swap them will it not sound right? will the crossover in the focal kit just make them sound like the Focals? Or is there some hope it might work I've never been in this scenario so I apologize for the dumb question :\ Edit: I forgot to add the ohms and power ratings match up and I believe the Scans have a wider freq response range though.
  4. ccapital83

    Best dsp

    wait get the 86 instead? so this one........... https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13698103/JL-Audio-FiX-86.html?tp=61658
  5. ccapital83

    Best dsp

    https://www.crutchfield.com/p_13698100/JL-Audio-FiX-82.html?tp=61658&awkw=161348842825&awat=pla&awnw=g&awcr=83707707985&awdv=c&awug=9005653&gclid=CjwKCAjw8_nXBRAiEiwAXWe2yXVrce8BVz4enrJSR1D_XI3juF9jL0NFLUXlusSiGubVRYzwvAP0GxoC4UsQAvD_BwE that's the one that automatically gives you a nice flat signal right?
  6. ccapital83

    Best dsp

    I have been been researching dsp and I cannot decide on one. They all have some negative reviews for things like, noise, low output, or spotty bass. Anyone want to recommend one they have used without issues? I just cannot pick one :\ It just for running a stock sub I'm sick of my oem eq need to get a nice flat clean signal into my sub amp.
  7. yeah they are dual 4 ohm each and when i wire them to 2 ohm they read 2.3 then put together 1.4 so with ohms you round up not down basically? And thanks for the info appreciate that a lot!
  8. yeah each sub alone was reading 2.3 together they go down to 1.4 total so your saying technically to the amp thats closer to a 2 ohm load? sorry for the stupid questions
  9. what about shutting off do you think it would have shut off if 1.4 ohms was an issue for it?
  10. I have a spare kicker kx amp I use to free air subs inside to break them in before installing and I always wondered what would happen running at 1 ohm. It is way past warranty period and I didn't mind risking damage so I went for it. I ran it for 9 hours straight inside on 2 subs at 1 ohm at the amp it read 1.4 ohms I put it through a series of sweeps also ran constant from 28-36hz tried some you tube bass heavy tracks no matter what I did it never shut off and is still on and ice cold as we speak. Question is its not even warm and that baffles me so how different is that from being in the car at 1 ohm? Does this mean it might be 1 ohm stable in the car also? Is is less taxing on the amp free airing subs or more as apposed to them being inside a enclosure?
  11. ccapital83

    Rockford Fosgate Power T750X1bd

    I'll lower this to $280 shipped
  12. ccapital83

    Rockford Fosgate Power T750X1bd

    We had it in my gf car and she decided after install to go back to her old re audio. Had it on a SA10 which the SA took that like a champ! But its just way to much power for her RE. Cannot believe how strong this thing is being smaller than my hand.
  13. Item(s) for Sale: Rockford Fosgate Power T750X1bd Item(s) Description/Condition: used for 1 day original and only owner almost mint condition 9.8-10 not missing anything repacked to oem. Only Sign of usage is where it was mounted can barely even see it. Price: $295 shipped. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Instant free shipping via USPS priority mail with tracking and shipping receipt image same day of payment.
  14. physically shipped on it way to one of the nicest people I've ever worked with threw a little extra treat in there for ya hope you like it :)
  15. sold Payment Received Label printed going out physically as soon as shipping is open