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  1. trumpet

    2 or 3 way?

    Try it again.
  2. trumpet

    More noise grounding to chassis than battery

    This video shows and explains some good practices to follow for chassis grounding. The ground cable stuff starts at 3:28.
  3. trumpet

    is this safe or not?

    The primary source of current for your loads, which is your factory electronics plus any audio system electronics you added, is the alternator... Until it can't keep up with the demand, and then your amplifier is drawing from the battery. That's what happens when you see the voltage drop below 13. When the current draw drops enough for the alternator to "catch up" the voltage at the input side of the amplifier will go up. You're going to measure less voltage at the amplifier than you will measure at the alternator or at the underhood battery.
  4. The Kicker Key 4-channel amp is very nice, but the auto-tune is counterproductive to the overall system design you have described. If you don't like how it tunes your tweeter and mids you are stuck. The filters on KAC-M3004 are inadequate for running a component set active while being correctly balanced and running each speaker in a way that keeps it reliable and efficient. Splitting one pair of RCA outputs on the DSP means you can't work around the limitations of the amplifier's high pass filter and low pass filter range and fixed slope. You could make this easier by deleting a pair of speakers from the system layout. Choose rear doors or rear deck. If the rear speaker layout is non-negotiable then delete the 3" mids and do a 2-way front configuration. If you like this advice I am available for hire to help you refine your system plan and guide you through the initial setup.
  5. trumpet

    Speaker and Setup Questions

    I'll make these points a bit randomly. Simple is most often better. Hell No on 4-way or 5-way 6x9s. The setup you were suggested sounds like a great plan. A compromise to consider is to run 6x9 woofers up front, without tweeters, and the 3.5" coaxials in the dash. I don't know Alpine's catalog but I doubt they sell their 6x9 woofers separately. Components up front, coaxials in the rear, and subwoofers for bass is a classic, well-rounded system. Two sets of full range speakers up front strays from "clean well balanced sound".
  6. trumpet

    NavTV (Zen Audio) for GM

    It's possible but I don't understand how. The question is pointing to a signal change affecting a device upstream of the signal path. Clipped audio is common. Depending on where and when and how long it's happening it could be harmless, annoying, or destructive. Since it stopped happening and it seems nothing was harmed I'd let it go from your thoughts. I used the vehicle information to be sure the shop was most likely showing you M650-GM. Considering that GM Bose systems have been employing all pass filters in late model vehicles, which cannot be "corrected" with an audio correction DSP, I would make it easier and get the M650-GM. Until a different manufacturer offers a similar solution that is the best way to handle this if great sound is the top priority for this investment. https://navtv.com/products/NTV-KIT838/m650-gm.html
  7. trumpet

    NavTV (Zen Audio) for GM

    Ok. It seems like you don't need my help. It would help to satisfy my curiosity if you shared what year, make and model of vehicle this is.
  8. trumpet

    2 or 3 way?

    Ok. If you add speakers in the correct way they will "add" more than "subtract". If you make it a 3-way active speaker setup, with midbass, midrange and a tweeter on each side, that is how we do it best. Getting the crossovers and phase correct is very important. Most people aren't prepared to do the work and that's fine. If you aren't going to do it that way then keep it as a 2-way. Enjoy what you have. Does that help?
  9. trumpet

    No sound from mids..

    Look at the passive crossovers to check for damage. If you don't see anything that got hot move on. Take a Digital MultiMeter, set it to volts (auto ranging or to a range of less than 100V is adequate). Have the system playing music. Measure voltage at the speaker output terminals of the HDP4. You should see something higher than a few volts, not millivolts. If your DMM is showing signs of life from the amplifier you will next move to the passive crossovers. Repeat the test at the speaker terminals for the mids.
  10. trumpet

    2 or 3 way?

    I've addressed the crossovers generally in this article: Aiming Component Speakers I recommend you read it fully and get comfortable with the concepts shown. If it makes sense to you that paves the way to understand why we want 3-way components rather than 2-way. We want to be able to play the system loudly, well-balanced, reliably for a long time. Yes, even SQ systems get loud when done well. Trying to cross a tweeter low enough to mate ideally to the top end of a 6.5" woofer betrays the goal of loud + reliable for a long time. The fix is to high pass the tweeter at an appropriate, higher frequency. The consequence is we get a "hole" in the frequency response between the midwoofer and tweeter on the side of the vehicle that places our ears far off axis. Enter the midrange speaker. This is the solution to the acoustic issue that comes with a relatively large midwoofer paired with a small tweeter.
  11. trumpet

    NavTV (Zen Audio) for GM

    Hang on. A Zen Audio interface is intended to be placed into the signal path before a DSP like Arc Audio PS8. What are you looking to accomplish with your sound system upgrades? Tell me more.
  12. trumpet

    NavTV (Zen Audio) for GM

    Zen Audio is one of the upper echelon manufacturers of OEM audio system interfaces. If your vehicle is covered by their product you can be assured you're getting a world class solution backed by world class support.
  13. trumpet

    Replacing dated setup, recommendations on components?

    Hey, sorry to hear about the passing of your beloved speakers. Are they 6.5" or 5.25"? It's not expected for speakers of either size, installed into car doors, to produce bass. The great thing is we don't need to handle that as you already have subwoofers to do the "heavy lifting".
  14. trumpet

    Component Speakers

    I'm seeing a number of concerns. 1) Your "good" sound is now only coming from the rear speakers and the sub. That's got to be frustrating. 2) Other than blown front speakers it seems you could leave the system as it is. Why not move the rear speakers up front and not spend any more money? 3) Ready-made component speakers vs build your own? Do you actually want to keep using both front and rear speakers?
  15. trumpet

    Speaker replacement Gen6 Camaro

    PM me as I have some options to show you today.