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  1. trumpet

    Hi Res Music - It's for Real

    Exceeding 16-bit 44.1 kHz in the recording and mastering realm has benefits. The biggest one I can recall now is greater dynamic range, which is sometimes useful for editing. In the playback realm the benefits of "Hi-Res" formats alone become much less obvious, assuming the listener has normal hearing. I'm convinced the biggest improvements come from dynamic range retained in the mastering process, not the extra bits available in the file format. That is audible in CDs and other legacy formats.
  2. I pm'd you a few days ago. Just 6.5s and tweets? Any request for performance characteristics or depth limitations?
  3. Hi there. You seem to be deep into your research. There is an awful lot to consider for a car audio project. What prompted you to start on this?
  4. Has this project been put off until later?
  5. trumpet

    Sudden realization on Soundstage and T/A

    It seems you've touched on a different, related topic. Tuning for a standard vs tuning for listener preference. Achieving a phantom center image that's positioned in line with the center of the cabin can be done without listening to the system at all.
  6. It's probably going to sound better than a mess of a signal from an improperly interfaced stock system.
  7. Really? Did you take it to the dealer already?
  8. It's time to step up to a better audio service. There will always be differences in sound quality between albums and singles until the recording industry changes in major ways, but putting that aside it may be worth your time to dedicate the next month to a trial of Tidal. Even the "regular" bit rate plan should be enjoyable. In the car the lossless quality option isn't worth the extra bump in subscription price unless you're in the top 0.1% of most particular listeners.
  9. trumpet

    Question about using an equalizer with crossovers

    Hi, Yes you can use Clarion EQS755 with your set up. The signal path would go from this: Stock radio >>>>> Memphis LL6A >>>> MRP-F600 & G1300 >>>> Speakers & Sub to this: Stock radio >>>> Memphis LL6A >>>> Clarion EQS755 >>>> MRP-F600 & G1300 >>>> Speakers & Sub To make the best use of the extra knobs, of which the intent is to improve the quality of sound, you will need to run extra RCA cables. Where would you mount the equalizer? It's a 1/2 DIN equalizer, which is a relic from the 80s and 90s when it was super common to have a rectangular opening in the dash to stuff one of these things. Otherwise it could be screwed onto the underside of the dash or to the side of a console. Basically they were often rigged up and not elegantly integrated into the interior. Does this sound familiar?
  10. I have not tried to connect a PC to a Kicker IQ amplifier. However, based on these pictures I don't see that your computer has any trouble recognizing the amplifier. It's been a very long time since I did any PC work professionally but the typical sign of trouble under Device Manager is a yellow exclamation mark next to a device that isn't working. You could try a different USB cable and/or wait until the dealer is open to get their take on this and figure it out.
  11. trumpet

    Comps for 08 Infiniti G37 Coupe

    Hi Sam. Barry from Rubyserv. I believe I could show you both 2-way and 3-way components in this price range that will make your favorite music sound incredibly life-like and loud. If you're still open for suggestions and you want to do something to move you away from the disappointing stock Bose I ask that you send me a message with your e-mail or text or call me at 701-620-1124.
  12. trumpet

    Wtb double din nav cd player

    Do you want navigation on the radio that's good or is there additional funds beyond the $200 to get something that won't lead you on a wild goose chase?
  13. trumpet

    What is my next step (2017 mazda 6)

    I would like to show you how to make sense of this upgrade of your Bose 11-speaker sound system and sell you some equipment. It seems from my past attempts that you don't want my help, but the offer is here.
  14. trumpet

    Forget about questionable grounds