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    I have the HOTTEST girl in the F*****g world and I don't deserve her even a little bit.. I'd rather be lucky than good ANY DAY!
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    south shore, ma
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    I make epoxy based linings for nuc plants and conventional power plants.
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    Breaking stuff and fixing stuff. watching the Bruins dominate the NHL, working on my Jeep.
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    pioneer 9400-A.C. 4.1+6xs-alpine pdx4.15+2.15- orion hcca 2500+RE xxx 12+B.A Pro 50 se +Jl cw 800+..
  1. knightsdaze

    amp wiring

    Absolutely fuse it within a couple of feet of the amp. An 80 amp fuse should do fine.
  2. You can find both a dual battery tutorial and a big 3 sticky on this site bro.. just look in the help 101.
  3. Im ignorant to car audio cuz I like more bass than 300wrms provides.. That's classic.
  4. He said he wanted louder bass and I told him 300 watts is only gonna give so much, THEN I SUGGESTED HE LOOK AT DIFFERENT SUB WIRING DIAGRAMS ON CRUTCHFIELD AND TO CHECK THE SPECS ON HIS AMP TO BE SAFE, AND IM A ******* THATS GONNA F UP HIS SYSTEM!? Your a douche bag.
  5. knightsdaze

    DVC wiring option?

    Amen.. btw that box in ur trunk looks sweet with the woodgrain, and fits snug.. How the hell did you get that in?
  6. I never mounted an amp to my sub box until I built my current system. I HAD TO cuz there was NO ROOM.. I got a sheet of 1/8" rubber and adhered it to a 3/4" piece of plexglassi, and mounted the amps to that and then mounted that on top of the sub box. It looks good, and puts a buffer in between the box and the amps.
  7. Bottom line is a 300 watt RMS sub isn't gonna get very loud bro.. Im a little confused though. Are you running the sub off the pioneer 2 channel amp, and is that ur only amp? That amp isn't pushing 300wrms as wired.. If you run the voice coils in parallel It will see a 2 ohm load and increase ur amps output. look at the specs on the amp to make sure it'll handle it though.. also Crutchfield has a nice little chart to show you different sub wiring diagrams and the resulting load in ohms. It's a good basic reference chart.
  8. woops.. I just noticed you mentioned buying components to replace the stock Pioneers. Good idea.. You can run 2 pairs off a 4 ch amp ya know..
  9. I don't even like 18 gauge for remote wire, lol.. and stock 4" pioneer components is a contradiction in terms.. Stick with running the speakers off of some descent 16 awg minimum from ur amp..
  10. knightsdaze

    Hifonics Amp Kill Switch

    I run all my amps from a toggle patch panel I made from 1/8" abs plastic. I got 3 different colored lighted toggles and just ran the remote outta the hu to a spdt relay to the toggles, and home run from each amp. I like it for testing/troubleshootin and cuz I had an open space where my foglights used to be.. Never ran into any problems.. I was kindof a pain in the *** having 3 wires off each gets crowded (remote in/out/grnd for illum), but It works like a charm.
  11. You didn't say WHY you need the noise suppressor.. Are you getting alt whine? the reason I ask is cuz noise suppressors or grnd loop isolators are usually baindaids for a fixable problem..
  12. knightsdaze

    best .5 ohm 2000 watt amp?

    WOW.. they're out there and and available for short money.. I stand corrected.. I didnt find a single neg rec on em' either.. live and learn..
  13. knightsdaze

    best .5 ohm 2000 watt amp?

    .5 ohms for 300 bucks is a joke. maybe at 500wrms.. or USED and ABUSED like my ex.. Budget=problem.
  14. I'm sorry.. I feel like,. I just got hit with.. ummmm , a 2 ton.. heavy thing