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  1. Item(s) for Sale: Sundown Audio SAZ-1500 Item(s) Description/Condition: Amp has not been abused. This was hooked up to two SA8 V2's at 1 ohm. It is missing a speaker wire screw, but otherwise great condition. Included is a working but kind of beat up SA bass knob. Price: $300 shipped. You cover paypal fees or use gift. Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: On me Item Pictures:
  2. In the market for an SA-8 or two (preferably two). D4 only. Send me your price shipped to 22181 VA.
  3. Did you get my pm? Something small and powerful (SA8 for example). Maybe something middle ground? You stated more to come so if you could pm me a list of subwoofers/amps I could go over them if you have more subs/amps to add that is.
  4. I'd probably pick up a bunch of install gear if you have a sub I may be interested in.
  5. dubeeyu

    Painting Your Car's Carpet 101!

    My brother got an old beat up Honda so we are definitely going to paint the carpet lol
  6. dubeeyu

    Painting Your Car's Carpet 101!

    That looks great! I was always curious but iffy about how well it would turn out on a vehicle's interior.. I need a beater to try it on.
  7. dubeeyu

    Car Audio Jobs in Northern Virginia

    I've seen the ads on CL and the like. Surprised you are having such a time looking for employees.
  8. dubeeyu

    Re xxx 18

    Wow great deal! Surprised no one has taken you up on either yet.
  9. dubeeyu

    Re xxx 18

    If I was nearby I would pick this up right now. Great price.
  10. You think its bad in Richmond (Im assuming by your location) try checking out the crickets up here. Everyone tells me that the bass scene is huge there (in Richmond), along with lifted hoopties with 26" rims. Best Buy Mobile Audio is "big" up here if you know what I mean. Lol. Type arghsss and JL is as good as "quality" gets up here (XPLODS ftw :/).
  11. dubeeyu

    2012 East coast meet

    Let's make it a short trip for you and I, Mast. Occupy Washington DC with bass races. Lulz