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  1. If you want, and the speaker comes off of the space, you can use the space as a template to make a new one out of MDF. Then you can coat the MDF to waterproof it and it wont rattle as much
  2. All_Logix

    Can my car handle this?

    Make sure you get a respected alt brand as well. Getting cheap Ebay knockoffs will end badly for you
  3. All_Logix

    Alpine PXA-H100 and KTX-H100

    For 100 Shipped I am interested but you inbox is full
  4. I agree with Tommydh, the car audio community doesn't have enough females who have a real interest, and it never will it everyone bashes her because she doesn't know as much as some of us. Everyone had these kinds of questions when they were first starting. I commend her for even getting on here and asking questions.
  5. All_Logix

    ground options for crew cab 2500hd

    To answer your question, you really need to use a meter and test the potential difference between the battery neg post and the area you are trying to ground to.
  6. Considering that most amps use a basic POT for the LPF setting, this is your best bet. Honestly the only true way to test that is to have a tone generator and measure the output for the different frequency bands. Also something to consider, I am sure there is a slop to that xover, most likely a 12-18 db/oct
  7. All_Logix

    help amps advice

    Your going to have to help me a little more here bud, I read your link and don't see what you mean. I am pretty familiar with OHMs law but I just don't know this part.
  8. All_Logix

    help amps advice

    Can you elaborate on this, I am not familiar with this law.
  9. If you are wanting to actually achieve these power outputs, it will not be possible with just a wire upgrade and capacitor will not get it. You have to start at the source of the power and that would be your alternator. I would go ahead and change out your alt, get a decent AMG battery and do the Big 3 for ~2.5K. Hope that was helpful.
  10. All_Logix

    A couple of questions

    The polks are not bad speakers. I am not a big fan of MB quart ever since they were bought out by Maxsonics. Rockford is coming out with some decent stuff now but usually you have to get the upper crust, and ID has had some problems in the past few months. I dont want to come off as an audio snob, these are just my experiences. IIRC, the polk has a pretty high sensitivity and sound best with about 50watts. With that in mind you might could use one of the Alpine power packs that will give 45watts to your speakers and its small enough to tuck behind the HU. If you dont like that idea to get good SQ I would save a little more money and look at JL, Alpine PDX, Audison SR4, or ARC audio products. These are considered decently high end.
  11. I would warn you against putting those tweeters directly into the HU. If there is not a really good crossover built into your HU your going to be pushing frequencies into the tweeters that will tear them apart. Next, you have the ability to to hook LOC for each amp into the factory wiring to create RCA outputs. As mentioned above this may need to be done post factory amplifier in order to get a good High Level signal. What I would actually recommend doing, if you don't want to spend the money for some thing like the JL Cleansweep is to rung High Level into the four channel amp, run a component system with a passive crossover for the front so that the tweeters and front midbass are being powered by the amp, and use a decent LOC for the sub amp if you cannot find a 4 channel with Daisy Chain capabilities
  12. All_Logix

    A couple of questions

    To start, there isnt anything wrong with having 0/1 for big 3 and 4 to the amp. As long as the wire to the amp can handle the current the amp draws your in the clear. Depending on what you are looking at in the future, if the wire is not already pulled, going with 0/1 to the amp location will be better for future installs of higher power. For 100-150 on your amp, I would say there may be some good used ones out there people are willing to part with for this price, but brand new ones, this price range will only buy you disappointment from my experience. If you could give us a better idea of what kind of sound you like we may be able to give you a better idea of what to look for.
  13. Are you sure you have a GMOS-01, I thought the BOSE needed a GMOS-04 or something of that nature. Been out of the game to long. But I believe the section in the guide posted above about the pot need to the wire harness still applies.
  14. I know that all 2013 EX models come with the premium sound, but not navi standard, not sure about your 2012. Do you have a subwoofer in the rear dash, if so it is premium. If that is the case the wires coming out of your HU are diff. balanced and useless to you. Here is where the problem unfolds...if you have premium there is a separate signal for the midbass and tweeter in the front, which makes it getting a balanced signal for the front pretty much impossible. I am not sure if they have a harness available that will bypass the stock amp and give you signal you can use on the 4 channel, but this is what you need.
  15. I believe if you open the module up there is a little POT that you can use to adjust the output level.