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  1. Djltoronto

    General Confusion

    Start here: http://www.hifonics.com/pdf/Hifonics_Zeus_ZXi_2010_Amplifier_Manual.pdf If your amp is already going into protection mode with your existing speakers, adding a SUB bridged will only cause it to go into protection mode easier.
  2. Djltoronto

    Question about crossover points

    This is not much different than asking, "what colour of car should I buy"
  3. That analogy is perhaps better suited to an eavestrough forum. The flow of electricity is often described VIA the flow of water, but for your analogy to work more accurately, you would need to include the resistances developed by turbulent vs laminar flow in the system. There is still a lot to gain by having the main run as 0 gauge and a short run of 4 gauge from a dist. block VS 1 single run of 4 gauge.
  4. Yes. Completely wrong. 1 foot of 4 gauge will supply far more current than 17 feet of 4 gauge. have you never seen a chart similar to this one?
  5. If the amp only accepts 4 gauge, then 4 gauge will be enough. Or get a better amp.
  6. You may end up with dimming headlights, but the short run of 4AWG from the dist. block to the amp won't be the cause of it.
  7. If your amp is really putting out 750 watts, without even factoring in amplifier efficiency, at 14v, 750 watts is 53 amps. add in 20% waste for heat and it's 63.6 amps. Headlights, and ignition system can easily be 30 amps, bringing the current draw right up to 93.. I'd say you have a pretty good alternator, and some exceptional wiring with virtually no losses. THERE ARE NO AMOUNT OF CAPS that can do that. which MBQ DCS amp do you have at 750 RMS? --> MB Quart Car Audio -- DISCUS Amplifers
  8. They are not bad at all. They simply don't add what the uninformed people claim they add. But a cap, in no way detracts from the performance, and it most definitely acts as a filter, smoothing out any electrical noise you may have - and this is probably not audible. The whole subject is a clusterfuck on the net, so good luck being pointed to a reliable source, and there is usually a similar reliable source saying the exact opposite. Just read as much as you can on the subject, and make your own conclusion. Haven't read about anyone adding a cap and then reporting noticeable reduction in performance.
  9. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    For sure. I think the OP has accepted the risks.
  10. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    Yes. that is his current setup... what are you suggesting?
  11. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    he doesn't have a 2 ohm load per channel load to run it that way! From what I gather, he has 4 x 2ohm coils - there is no way to configure 4 x 2ohm coils to give 2 x 2 ohm loads.
  12. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    Glad it's all sorted!
  13. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    Yes, measure the DC resistance of the subs at the single terminal on the box - disconnect the amp from the box first. Also, if you play the subs at a low volume - touch one (physically stop it from moving)... then do the other. If the same thing happens when you touch either of them, there's a good chance they are both working. If touching one stops the audio, and touching the other does very little to the output - you've found your problem.
  14. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    Sure, but since you don't have a measurement of what it was putting out before the problem, you aren't really going to be able to do much with the numbers. There is no chart that will show what voltage you should get out of the amp when you run the amp at 1/2 of the rated impedance. You will be able to measure the wattage output though.
  15. Djltoronto

    How to troubleshoot sub/amp problem???

    That's one way! Do you not have terminals on the outside of the box? Try, one, then the other!