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    Hot chicks, Anything to Do With Cars Halo 3, ***** , you ain't pretty , Your a **** , thats why all the guys talk to you ., Noob Tube, Let's honor all mothers today! Press like if you love your mom!!!!, A bad picture is taken of you, and your first r
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    KDC mp538u, Autotek 6.5c,mb quart 4.60, db drive pd 2000.1, 2 ab XFL 12s.
  1. no lol it means i can help you out but im not doing anything for anyone i havent fooled with before idgaf what happens. ill take my dealer sales over online where people do nothing but ***** about nothing. it was fine at first now it cuts off he had it on 2 ab xd 8s
  2. not much i can say it was working when i had it . im stopping sales online. no point.
  3. if you pay shipping i have a d3400 like new. ran off a 325a singer alt never below 13.5
  4. CAT MAN

    WTB a new db drive pd2000.1

    i am going through them now. im swamped. ive done 4 builds since ive left. 3 walls and a 2 18 half wall. plus mine that is half done. i have had enough time to pop and sleep thats it. im getting to everyone as i can
  5. CAT MAN

    WTB a new db drive pd2000.1

    hmmmm mine did 45s sealed lol...its at least 3k whooped a powerbass xa 3k dont say "clamp aint fluke dont care" anyone will tell you these are legit without peak hold. i have a fluke now at the time i didnt tho
  6. CAT MAN

    Hypnotic HD12D2

    smaller box/less port area.
  7. CAT MAN

    Hypnotic HD12D2

    specs mean noting for box size except qts
  8. you're a rediot its the battery tho. start with the big 3 then upgrade the battery with an agm from kinetik or XS
  9. great stuff+mdf is the only real seal
  10. [quote name='04murdalanche']well times up, i got a design from RebelfromVa, whenever you get back on the forums let me know @CAT MAN ;[/QUOTE]back but not long up at school. ill take care of jon for you and ill get you straight as well ill call you today
  11. I dont have any internet and im at the hospitl with dad ill get to you asap or refund you I have no control over what has happened.
  12. Item(s) for Sale: 270fr Item(s) Description/Condition: 10/10 Price: 100 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: on me ---------- Post added at 02:11 AM ---------- Previous post was at 02:11 AM ---------- restin at 12.8 can charge before i let it ship
  13. Item(s) for Sale: odessy pc2150 same spec as batcap 4k same exact batt acurally Item(s) Description/Condition: 6/10 cos 10.10 mech i can charge it but it rest at 13+ Price: 290 shipped anywhere Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: on me