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  1. Want to buy a cab 1600.1
  2. hybrdaccent

    Revised Soundstream TN4.900D Amp Dyno

    Reading this post sucks lol . I was a huge fan of the ppi900.4 but when the suply ran dry it looked like the tn900.4 was yhe answer . How good is the nvx and is there another amp out there that can match the size and power of the ppi900.4 ?
  3. crap went to home depot they only had 2 inch what length should it be if its 2 inch
  4. this is a stupid question but is a regular piece of pvc ok
  5. ok built a box for my kids new truck and i think it needs to be ported here are the specs first its for 1 sa12 the length is 56 inches the hight is 13.5 the depth is 6 inches want to use a pvc port like 2.5 inch but can go to 3 if needed does this make sence? the port would be on the side of the box thanks for your guys help almost forgot its 5/8 mdf
  6. hybrdaccent

    going to just ask ....

    man box is sick thank you so much could have not asked for a better easier layout of the cuts .looks very easy to bulid. will start monday and will post pics up as soon as it is done thanks again man!!!!!!!!!
  7. hybrdaccent

    going to just ask ....

    sorry this box will be under a seat and the only way for the port or subs to face would be forward
  8. hybrdaccent

    going to just ask ....

    dude that looks sick ---------- Post added at 06:34 PM ---------- Previous post was at 06:33 PM ---------- wait sorry only prob is speakers have to be on front of the box
  9. hybrdaccent

    going to just ask ....

    ya 40 wide 23 deep and ya im thinkin 33hz seems to be what would work for a kid that listens to manly rap and bass music what do you think ?
  10. hybrdaccent

    going to just ask ....

    some thing with a single center port 33hz for 2 sa12's maximum space avalible is L40 W23 H13.5 .75 mdf is the material being used here are the sub specs T/S D4: RE: 7.09 ohms (D4 in series) Fs: 28.4 Hz Qes: 0.511 Qms: 5.75 Qts: 0.469 Vas: 40.3 L BL: 25.04 NA Le: 7.7 mH Mms: 252 g BL^2 / RE: 88 600 watts RMS
  11. ok so from the sub forum got some great help on decideing what subs to get for my kids van . now i just need a box for them ....lol would anyone be interested in designing a ported box for us for free? it doesent need to be crazy something he can build with lots of help from dad . it will be for 2 sa12s . we have the exact space avalible for the box . thanks in advance this site rocks
  12. hybrdaccent

    12 inch sub help

    sweet thank you guys for all of your help for sure i will post some pics when we get the box built .
  13. hybrdaccent

    12 inch sub help

    ok so looks like the sa12s it is now will they take the full 1500watts? also is there anyone that can design a box with the above stated measurments with those being the max space avalible for free.....lol
  14. hybrdaccent

    12 inch sub help

    you think 2 12's will be louder than three ? no room for a 15 it would have to fire up right into the bottom of the seat
  15. hybrdaccent

    Bass track thread!

    anything by Andre nickatina 4am bay bridge waffleel house cocaine jelly bean colored suits