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  1. Do you have other boston pro stuff to blend with these your going to sell, mids, woof.
  2. iroller

    old school Soundstream amps.

    i have a davinic that needs the red tubes anyone got some ???
  3. iroller

    Pioneer DEX P99RS For Sale

    When? i presume not from authorised dealer
  4. iroller

    Panny bottle-head sq us tuner

    forgot to ask if it has any nicks or scratches that don't show on pictures and do you have the besal?
  5. iroller

    Panny bottle-head sq us tuner

    Do you have the remote ? Dat had a couple last month I think he sold them both one with remote one without but had the upgraded tubes.
  6. I'd buy the cd player for the $45
  7. What would the separated prices be then ?
  8. would like to see pictures. mnhighroller@frontier.com
  9. Is the case cracked on the right side of the cd player ? would you separate the two ?
  10. iroller

    Alpine CDA-7998 Near Mint!!

    how about a PPi arts 606.2 ax, i preety good shape
  11. iroller

    GM 250 amp alt

    Maybe I was on another site, will you take 200 for it and you pay the ride ?
  12. iroller

    GM 250 amp alt

    didn't hear back from you on the pm's
  13. iroller

    High Output Alternators

    if I need 150 amp can I run a 250 if I want for future add ons ?
  14. I haven't watched prices much on the interfaces seems like I've seen them for like $50, Tell me if I'm wrong ?