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  1. Here in AZ you can get a note from the eye doctor allowing darker tints.
  2. He did, that's the only way you can hear the rear speakers playing unless your ears are up against them.
  3. Hey, my neighbor is having an issue with his new headunit and the volume of the rear speakers. The wires are all tight and there's sound from the rear but it's really low. It has a factory amp and works just fine when he hooks the factory headunit back up, he has a PAC module someone told him would help but it hasn't. I haven't had much free time to look into for him so I thought I'd pick your brains to see if there's anything obvious.
  4. Also check local welding supply stores, I get really good quality cable that's just a few blocks away.
  5. If you haven't already bought deadener, check out https://www.sounddeadenershowdown.com/ Some of the best info and products you can find. Getting good, clean power to quality mids and tweets will make a world of difference along with proper treatment to panels.
  6. Some people call metal fast bass and hip hop slow bass.
  7. The sealed for fast bass, ported for slower bass is a myth.
  8. Source? Mp3, flac, cd? Also the actual recording can make a difference. Sometimes you may expect sub bass while the abundance of the track is mid bass.
  9. sorry, found my answer.
  10. MANTI5

    What HO Alt, what Battery/batteries?

    Autozone and Sears both offer affordable, good quality AGM batteries. Don't mix the batteries, get the biggest AGM that will fit under your hood.
  11. One of my Boostcaps is bad and needs to be replaced. I also have a 250A circuit breaker that's never been used if someone wanted to work a trade.