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    Eclipse avn72d pair 8" ia8d4 alphasonik pma1000 diamond d6 600.4
  1. GVP

    is this the 15" DC LV6 m1?

    Sorry for late response. .but it's a team dc lv5
  2. I have a diamond audio d9 800.4
  3. GVP

    is this the 15" DC LV6 m1?

    RMS?..how much u think its worth
  4. GVP

    is this the 15" DC LV6 m1?

    Thnank!!..always thought isnwas older lv6 first run because of no vent and direct leads.it is 80lbs.
  5. planning to get rid of old subs..just wanna make sure if anyone knows the difference from LV5 and LV6..btw the sub is next to a 15" RD Superheavyweight and they both weight the same..
  6. GVP

    wtb 2 18s

    If only you were local...gotta pair incriminator death penalty on the cheap
  7. GVP

    Free *****!!!

    U close to california? 18" box prob expensive ship?