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  1. I wanted to have a backup camera on my 2014 ram 1500 truck. A few years ago I purchased a Pioneer dvd player and a tailgate with an integrated camera. Everything works fine but the camera picture is not very clear. I'm comparing to my wife's Honda crv factory setup which is super clear even at night. So I'm assuming that one of the devices has poor resolution. I'm thinking it might be the head unit as when wearing sunglasses, I can't see the picture at all (again, as compared to the Honda where I can see with sunglasses). Perhaps it is the camera as well because night scenes tend to be very grainy. So what head unit resolution and camera resolution would be the minimum for having a sharp picture? I think I assumed that if the head unit was a dvd player that it would have great resolution. Maybe not. Thanks Rut
  2. I have a poineer avh-s5800 head installed in my truck. I'm plenty happy with the power output to the replacement speakers I've installed. I'd like to add a subwoofer behind the seat. Have a 10" slim model that fits nicely. I also have an old alpine amp with front\rear\sub inputs and outputs. Would it hurt the amp for me to just connect inputs to the sub in and the sub out to the subwoofer? There are gain controls for the front, rear, and sub on the amp. I can turn the gain down for the front and rear but wasn't sure if the amp still needed a load on those outputs. Thanks, Rut
  3. I want to upgrade my ram 1500 reg cab pu speakers. I have a 5 channel alpine amp and have ordered a slim 10" sub to go behind the seat. I've already replaced the dash tweeters with a infinity combo mid\tweeter 3.5" combination. This improved the sound tremendously, even before the amp and sub. My question involves the front door and rear speakers (mounted behind the seat in the side columns, so the face toward the center of the truck). The stock speakers are 6x9s. In replacing these do you go with a combo speaker that has a tweeter combined with a woofer (as that is all that seems to be available)? And is the already installed cap bass blocker on the dash tweeters ok to leave in? Any other suggestions? Thanks, Rut