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  1. CarFanatic

    !!!WTB 4 channel amp!!!

    Sundown 1500D for sale. Pm me.
  2. CarFanatic

    WTB: 2000+rms @ 2 ohm amp

    I have a sundown 1500D for sale.
  3. CarFanatic

    WTB: 1200 watts

    I have a sundown SAZ-1500D for sale, Message me for details.
  4. I have a Sundown SAZ-1500D up for sale, that seems like it would be a good fit.
  5. CarFanatic

    130+ DB system help

    i have a sundown SAZ 1500d for sale, if you bought a sundown nightshade and put it in a nice box - then you would have a system that you would be happy with seems like for awhile. Since you stated that you don't want to buy something 6months later. I could even send you the PWK box design that I was going to do - so all you would have to do is buy the wire + sub.
  6. I will sell you my Sundown 1500d for cheap. I'm looking to sell the rest of my system too. pm me if you want the sundown
  7. CarFanatic

    What amp for 2 RE AUDIO MX12D1 MX 12" subs?

    I have a sundown 1500d for sale that be amazing with your setup. Pm me for more info.
  8. CarFanatic

    what amp to get

    i got a sundown 1500d for sale that would run great for your setup. Pm me for more info.
  9. I got a Sundown Saz -1500D for sale and its in great condition. Would be perfect for your setup. PM for more info
  10. CarFanatic

    wtb 1500+ at 1 ohm stable amp

    sundown 1500d for sale pm for more info!
  11. CarFanatic

    WTB: Amp for 2 RF P3 15's

    sundown 1500d fs pm for more info.
  12. CarFanatic

    WTB: 1200 watts

    Sundown 1500D 325 + Shipping Flexible on price (no trades) Check out my post - or pm for more info.