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  1. T.I.K.

    would you use these?

    Nah, zinc is fine, but steel by itself is just not a great conductor of electricity, compared to other metals
  2. T.I.K.

    would you use these?

    If you're gonna go the threaded rod route, I'd buy copper rod online, copper is like x8 more conductive than steel and x10 less resistive, and it's not like the copper rod is expensive. And I've run pretty much every power line through the port ever, except for the one box I didn't build that had terminals
  3. Hey guys, so this is going to be a slow build, so don't expect updates terribly often, at least not for the next month or two. Right now I'm just stating intent and trying to get all my thoughts together on the build, as I'm between jobs at the moment. I've tried to put a system in this car before, but I ran the speaker outs from the factory DSP into another DSP and the results were NOT satisfactory, so I ripped it all out and put it back to stock, but this time I'm doing it right. Here's my planned parts list: Tweeters: PHD AF 1.c Mid Range: Peerless NE123W-08 4" Front Doors: PHD Studio 6.1 Rear Doors: Exodus Anarchy 6.5" Sub Woofers: (x2) SSA DCON 10" Tweeter/Mid Range Amp: Monitor 1 Mk4.70 or two Mk2.70's Door Speaker Amp: Soundstream REF4.920 Subwoofer Amp: Zapco Z-400.2 Sound Processor: JBL MS-8 Head Unit: Pioneer AVH-X4800BS RCA Wires: SounDrive HF Series Power/Spkr Wire: KnuKoncepts OFC Alternator: DC Power 250a Alt The plan is to run an active 3-way setup up front crossed over at 60-400/400-3k/3k-20k, and duplicate the signal from the front doors to the rear doors for rear fill. I wouldn't even bother with the rear doors, but I get complaints about how quiet it is back there all the time, and I think I'll enjoy the extra mid-bass from the ex-anarchy's. I'm gonna be fiberglassing my own a-pillar pods for the tweets and 4" drivers and there is TONS of room behind the door panels, so I'll also be fiberglassing sealed pods for the doors as well (these are hidden, so they don't have to look pretty) I'll be running the DCON's sealed in separate 0.9cuft chambers. I would go ported, but I'm trying to save space AND weight, plus I'm tired of building ported boxes, they're a bit of a PITA. I was heavily considering a single ICON 12, but I think I'll get better SQ out of the DCON's which is what I want to focus on with this build. The two most difficult parts of this build are going to be replacing the factory touchscreen/dash with the Scosche Dash Kit and feeding the speaker wires through the factory molex door plugs. There is a screen that the scosche dash kit has an opening for that my car doesn't have because I have the upgraded Sony system, I'm thinking I'll be putting a beauty plate here for radar detector display and controls, as well as the MS8 display screen. The rest is pretty standard issue; all the amps, wiring, and the DSP will be hidden in the spare tire well area. All said and done, it should be well worth it! Here's a pic of the car and the gear I currently have Not pictured: JBL MS8 & Monitor 1 Mk 2.70
  4. I need my sub box sold, that's about it though, haha. Sorry man.
  5. What do you have to trade?
  6. Item(s) for Sale: Alpine CDE-100 HU (x2) Memphis HPO-10's Rockford Fosgate P300.1 Starr Mountain Sound Box Description/Condition of Item(s): All items are used and in good condition. Only exception is the HPO's which are missing dust caps(they blew themselves off). The cone is still undamaged, only the cosmetic wrap is a little damaged. Other than that, the subs work fine, and got down in the SMS box. SMS Box is 15.75d x 14.25h x 41w. Cut outs are 9.25" and 11.25 for the flush baffle. Tuned to 32hz with 14.4in^2 of port area. Dual kerf port. 1.25ft^3 per chamber. Fits perfectly in the cargo area of a 2nd Gen Ford Explorer. It's made out of Arauco cabinet grade ply. Price: CDE-100 - $60 HPO's - $50 each P300.1 - $100 SMS Box - $140 Shipping Information: All prices are plus shipping Item Pictures: Here's a video showing that A) I have these in my possession and B) that the subs have no coil rub. VID_20130720_022513_876_zpsa9aec28b.mp4 Video by KlaesiK | Photobucket I can take a picture of my user name with all the gear if any of you have doubts, but I would hope the video is enough.
  7. T.I.K.

    Power cell, recommendations.

    He's not just trying to make a sale. He has plenty of knowledge building high power systems, and it would be a mistake to interpret his replies as him just trying to make money.