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  1. T.I.K.

    What song are you listening to right now?

    no doubt there's classics, but imo it's just not america's best decade for music. I gotta give that song you posted credit though, that's the first time I've heard a guitar solo in a pop song in far far too long. Country club life was fun, I used to walk from my back yard to work at the club pool as a lifeguard. Best part was I was like one of 2 guys that worked as life guards, the other 8-10 guards were all cheerleaders for the local highschool, best summers ever dude.
  2. T.I.K.

    would you use these?

    Nah, zinc is fine, but steel by itself is just not a great conductor of electricity, compared to other metals
  3. T.I.K.

    What song are you listening to right now?

    I think most of the stuff from the 80's is horrendous, I mean the 80's even managed to ruin led Zeppelin, but there's some good stuff still So many good tracks from them, it's too bad they're not still making music.
  4. T.I.K.

    What song are you listening to right now?

    Gotta love ratm
  5. T.I.K.

    everyone likes papermaker

    You get like 60 a week or something like that, I could eat pretty decent for the week on 60 bucks
  6. T.I.K.

    would you use these?

    If you're gonna go the threaded rod route, I'd buy copper rod online, copper is like x8 more conductive than steel and x10 less resistive, and it's not like the copper rod is expensive. And I've run pretty much every power line through the port ever, except for the one box I didn't build that had terminals
  7. T.I.K.

    Update me

    I've been gone for a few years now, is everybody still gay? Probably. A pic of u guys
  8. T.I.K.

    everyone likes papermaker

    Implying anybody cares what you buy with your EBT card
  9. T.I.K.

    What song are you listening to right now?

    If you don't like this song, you're lying to yourself
  10. T.I.K.

    Taurus SHO SQ Build

    Hey guys, so this is going to be a slow build, so don't expect updates terribly often, at least not for the next month or two. Right now I'm just stating intent and trying to get all my thoughts together on the build, as I'm between jobs at the moment. I've tried to put a system in this car before, but I ran the speaker outs from the factory DSP into another DSP and the results were NOT satisfactory, so I ripped it all out and put it back to stock, but this time I'm doing it right. Here's my planned parts list: Tweeters: PHD AF 1.c Mid Range: Peerless NE123W-08 4" Front Doors: PHD Studio 6.1 Rear Doors: Exodus Anarchy 6.5" Sub Woofers: (x2) SSA DCON 10" Tweeter/Mid Range Amp: Monitor 1 Mk4.70 or two Mk2.70's Door Speaker Amp: Soundstream REF4.920 Subwoofer Amp: Zapco Z-400.2 Sound Processor: JBL MS-8 Head Unit: Pioneer AVH-X4800BS RCA Wires: SounDrive HF Series Power/Spkr Wire: KnuKoncepts OFC Alternator: DC Power 250a Alt The plan is to run an active 3-way setup up front crossed over at 60-400/400-3k/3k-20k, and duplicate the signal from the front doors to the rear doors for rear fill. I wouldn't even bother with the rear doors, but I get complaints about how quiet it is back there all the time, and I think I'll enjoy the extra mid-bass from the ex-anarchy's. I'm gonna be fiberglassing my own a-pillar pods for the tweets and 4" drivers and there is TONS of room behind the door panels, so I'll also be fiberglassing sealed pods for the doors as well (these are hidden, so they don't have to look pretty) I'll be running the DCON's sealed in separate 0.9cuft chambers. I would go ported, but I'm trying to save space AND weight, plus I'm tired of building ported boxes, they're a bit of a PITA. I was heavily considering a single ICON 12, but I think I'll get better SQ out of the DCON's which is what I want to focus on with this build. The two most difficult parts of this build are going to be replacing the factory touchscreen/dash with the Scosche Dash Kit and feeding the speaker wires through the factory molex door plugs. There is a screen that the scosche dash kit has an opening for that my car doesn't have because I have the upgraded Sony system, I'm thinking I'll be putting a beauty plate here for radar detector display and controls, as well as the MS8 display screen. The rest is pretty standard issue; all the amps, wiring, and the DSP will be hidden in the spare tire well area. All said and done, it should be well worth it! Here's a pic of the car and the gear I currently have Not pictured: JBL MS8 & Monitor 1 Mk 2.70