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  1. bigdwiz

    Audison lrx5.600 sq amp

    Great amp and great seller, free bump!
  2. bigdwiz

    FS: Kicker xs1000

    I have both the XS100 and ZR1000 and when it comes to high voltage (ZR1000) vs. high current (XS100), high voltage wins. Lowering ohm loads to get more power decreases efficiency, creates more heat, and in this case puts out less power than the ZR1000. The ZR1000 is capable of 1900W+ dynamically (bass notes). Both amps are similar like the old Orion 2100 HCCA vs. XTR-2250. XTR = high voltage and more powerful Just trying to educate here...love the amp BTW, it is a BEAST! GLWS
  3. bigdwiz

    Amplifier Ice Bucket Challenge?

    LOL, this is in fact Audiopipe's amp...I feel I gave it a fair test and it survived
  4. bigdwiz

    Amplifier Ice Bucket Challenge?

    Tough crowd!
  5. bigdwiz

    Amplifier Ice Bucket Challenge?

    I recently did some testing of a marine grade amplifier for a manufacturer and when I was finished and provided the results, they told me to "hit it with some water from a spray bottle"...then "see if it still works". Ok, you asked for it... or embedded below:
  6. bigdwiz

    RARE us amps vlx-25

    Nice amp bro. Don't let those ratings fool you...the 225A fuse should give you a hint of the real power of this ultra cheater amp
  7. bigdwiz

    Sonido Mask amplifier review ZX-1500 & ZX-3000

    Dude, I wish I still had that VLX-50...I don't usually sell my amps until they've been tested for output power, but somebody wanted that amp REAL bad and I twisted my arm to let it go. I have a good contact who worked at US Amps for many years, so I'm sure I can get one to test in the future.
  8. bigdwiz

    Sonido Mask amplifier review ZX-1500 & ZX-3000

    My bad bro, I thought I replied on CACO. I'm moving in a couple of weeks, so my Dyno and test gear will be packed up this weekend. Sonido said they would send me a ZX-2000.1 when I get settled at the new place, so we will just have to be in limbo until then (unless someone else wants to Dyno it).
  9. bigdwiz

    Sonido Mask amplifier review ZX-1500 & ZX-3000

    Yes, I'm the one who tested the Sonido Mask ZX-1500.1 and ZX-3000.1. Here are the requested gut shots of the ZX-3000.1, sorry the pic *****, I'll get a better one for the full video
  10. bigdwiz

    Ads pq10 - rare

    Mine is missing the a/d/s logo also. These are great amps and stronger than you might think for the rated 40w x 4
  11. bigdwiz

    Attn: old school amp gurus

    It's pretty rare to find an amp of this age NIB...I'm not sure I'd use it in my car, but that's totally up to you. Who knows, there may be some Phase Linear collector out there looking for this amp!
  12. I'm working on the full video guys, didn't intend to mislead anyone showing the dynamic power run first (although I took extra steps to explain the test in the video, it appears that doesn't appease some people). Honestly, I was just amazed at the numbers and how they spanked the ones Meade got with his SAZ-1500 he tested a while back. Is the dynamic burst test indicative of an amps continuous output power? No. Does it give you an idea of the amps headroom capability? Yes. I mainly test old school amps so I can't compare this dynamic test to many other amps, except the tests I've seen by Meade and Skar Audio. Yes, those 1500W amps do more at 1% THD and clipping, but they also cost quite a bit more. Again, I have no allegiance to Audiopipe, they didn't pay me to do this, I'm shipping the amp back on my dime, etc. I just posted a video I thought was impressive, nothing more, nothing less.
  13. I don't think D'Amore is allowed to post the CEA test methods in the AD-1 manual as CEA charges for these and that would be a problem
  14. Thanks for the clarification @TaylorFade. I've seen your big amp tests and thumbs up for what you do. Most people have no idea how much work it takes to do the testing, and you did like 5 or 6 big amps using resistors and clamped. Cool test I'd like to have an Audio Precision One, but they still go for $5k even on the used market. I got the AD-1 because it would allow me to perform my tests quickly and accurately.
  15. Yes! Just a dynamic test of an amplifier, nothing more, nothing less!...sorry if some people watch this and think something different. I didn't do this test to mislead anyone, those who watch the video and READ can understand what the test entails. It's okay though, they've been watching videos about how to measure power of their amps using clamps and multimeters with speakers for years, so I'm sure they will get incorrect information from sources outside of my videos. As you stated, VA isn't Watts