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    Buildin my dream system...
  1. ShakinDaBlock

    2x Custom SPL audio Alpine Type X 12"

    I know they're new but how stiff are they?
  2. ShakinDaBlock

    2x Custom SPL audio Alpine Type X 12"

    How stiff are these?
  3. ShakinDaBlock

    Orion HCCA recone

    Yeah pretty simple mane. What were you powering it with and how long was it being used? I've heard people say the coils burn easily and i've also heard they take a lot more power than rated. Wuz the deal?
  4. ShakinDaBlock

    Input on RE Audio?

    I used to have the sxx series and IMO it was a good sub with great SQ but didnt get very loud, i mean it pounded great though. I will probably honestly never run RE again. I've heard of people using the sx and then dropping in a different sub like a DC lvl 4 and it was a lot louder. It plays very clean also. Very low distortion. If your looking for a cheap quality setup RE would be ok but i would def look around a bit more there are better subs out there fa sho!
  5. ShakinDaBlock

    Denver audio guys?

    Finally some denver folk! Whats up yall! Been into audio for years but never went to any comps/events. Are there any upcoming events in march?
  6. Yeah i knew the coils weren't burnt but just didn't know why the coil looked different than others i've seen. Looked it up and it makes sense. Thanks.
  7. Why do the coils look like they are falling apart. I've seen a lot of tc sounds coils like that also. Whats the reason?
  8. ShakinDaBlock

    Orion HCCA output and box?? help please

    I've seen them inverted before and it sounded good but the box was way too small for them so i would imagine they would get loud in a box that is the correct size for it. If you dont have to much experience with different setups and how they react in different size boxes i would say dont go larger than 5 cu ft because you have to know what your doing if putting it in a bigger box than that. They arent the most efficient subs on the market but they are one of my favorite!
  9. ShakinDaBlock

    Four 15's!!!

    where can i get some? sundowns website doesnt have the 15's listed?
  10. ShakinDaBlock

    Four 15's!!!

    I have a 78 monte carlo lookin to put 4 15's in the trunk but am not certain what kind to put. I dont want huge 15's like hcca's because the magnet is too big for this installation. Lookin for subs around 600-700 watts rms each. I need them to hit the lows like crazy!!! Any good recommendations?
  11. ShakinDaBlock

    Subwoofer help

    I used to have an old Fi Btl on 18800 watts rms and handled it fine could have taken way more. Recently sold it and am looking to get either the new 2010 Btl N2 version or the PSI custom subwoofers. I want a 3000 watt rms amp mabe a sundown saz 3000 but am not sure if a fully loaded Btl will handle 3000 watts. My question is can it handle all that power being its rated for 2000 watts or should i get a custom PSI sub that will wasily handle it? also comparisons on the BTL vs. PSI thanks...
  12. ShakinDaBlock

    WTB: Rockford Fosgate

    have a RF power t1500-1bd amp for sale. pm me if interested...
  13. ShakinDaBlock

    Rockford Fosgate T3?

    never heard bout a t3. would be tight but doubt it will even happen
  14. ShakinDaBlock

    Shark mini amps.

  15. ShakinDaBlock

    tc sound

    i would go w the 2000. not as much cone area but it will produce more bass.