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  1. Slayerx

    Eclipse XA4000 For Sale

    Been waiting for one of these for a while, but I'm about $6k in the hole right now. GLWS, but I wouldn't sell it if I were you lol, I'm never selling my XA1000 or XA2000
  2. Slayerx

    Fundraiser for a life lost too soon

  3. This is posted in this section to avoid trolls, with mod approval, and will be moved if deemed necessary. Hey everyone, I am trying to raise funds for the tragic passing of my sis-in-law who was takin from us in a horrific motorcycle accident on the 13th when she was riding on the back of a bike and a car made a turn in front of her and the driver of the bike, who also didn't survive. She has left behind two sons, who will now be living with us. We just laid to rest her aunt who died of cancer last month, my grandfather who passed of congestive heart failure two days later, and my uncle who passed 6 months ago from a weakened heart from pneumonia, so you can imagine finances are tight and we are all very exhausted. If would would like to make a donation, below is a link to do so, and if you can't donate, I ask if you could please pass this on. Thank you LINK TO DONATE: Brandi Kay Memorial Fund by Adam Monroe - GoFundMe Link to an article of the accident: Two motorcyclists identified in Fair Oaks accident - Celebrity Examiner
  4. Brown. Gold is too flashy imo
  5. Slayerx

    7 subs 1 choice

    If I were in your shoes right this minute, out of those, I'd get either the Fi X or the Gcon. Probably the X just for the colored dust cap haha
  6. Slayerx

    Car doesn't play 40hz

    Premium sound or anything? Sounds like there is some sort of processing in the factory stereo. Need to tap the signal before it gets processed if you can, I know in my TL it goes to an external "eq" then back the the HU before the speakers. Hopefully it's not done in the HU, otherwise you're fucked afaik
  7. Slayerx

    Execution Audio?

    I knew I saw that basket/motor earlier today lol
  8. Slayerx

    Component Speaker Comparisons

    Get those JBL's. Best set I've heard for the price. Blown away with how lifelike kickdrums and cymbals sound. I usually don't trust all the hype I see online about things, but I really enjoyed the sound of the Power series speakers, so I took a leap of faith and am glad I did.
  9. Slayerx

    What SQ(ish) driver for 2 Ed nin.1 strapped

    If I were in your shoes I'd be looking at trying out a pair of Fi Q
  10. Slayerx

    Eclipse Xa5000 5 channel amp

    Oh sure, now sell it when I'm broke. Awesome amp. GLWS.
  11. Slayerx

    Super **** Black PPI ART pics, new trunk lighting

    Glad this got bumped so I could fap to it again. And I don't care how much something like that costs, if you can afford it, and it brings a smile to your face every time you look at it or hear it, it was money well spent.
  12. Slayerx

    Polk MM6501 or JBL MS-62C or Polk DXi6500?

    I've had both, and absolutely loved those polks, but I just half assed installed the jbl's (still gotta improve the mounting and deaden the doors and tweak the settings), and the jbl's are a whole different speaker upon my first impressions and my limited listening time. They are extremely accurate, Cymbals sound lifelike like I've only heard in much more expensive sets. Midbass is decent considering the lousy install, so not fair to compare yet. If I were to choose again, I'd definitely go JBL.
  13. Slayerx

    Autorama 2013 sacramento ca

    Ya my first show was 2 years ago. You're in for a good time for sure. The audio, and the car show also. I'll be there probably from 10-4 or so.
  14. Slayerx

    Autorama 2013 sacramento ca

    Cool, will be nice to put a face to the name lol