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  1. whojohnjones

    Jbl bp series amp

    Anyone here knowledgeable with the jbl bp series amplifiers?
  2. whojohnjones

    what is my amp worth?

    Kicker x100s competition 2 kicker 160ss
  3. whojohnjones

    my jvc s79bt died

    it looks as if it got too hot or something it has a small burn mark on the cover
  4. whojohnjones

    my jvc s79bt died

    got in my car one day and it never came on
  5. whojohnjones

    my jvc s79bt died

    my jvc s79bt died on me and i decided to open it up and i think i found the problem.. can this be fixed[ATTACH=CONFIG]26551572[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]26551572[/ATTACH]
  6. whojohnjones

    sony usb help

    the problem is that sony xplod cd players only read 128 folders from a usb stick. so that mean any other folders that come before the music folder gets counted as a readable folder..and I have no idea if it's even possible to change the folder order
  7. whojohnjones

    sony usb help

    is there any way to sort out the way sony cd players read the file order wit usb stick?
  8. whojohnjones

    bad amp

    memphis mcd 1000. it kept draining my battery until i got my circuit tester and found the problem
  9. whojohnjones

    bad amp

    my amp has negative power on the positive terminal and creates a short is my amp blown
  10. whojohnjones

    low battery

    after work doing some testing found that the positive terminal has a ground. is my amp blown? although it works
  11. whojohnjones

    low battery

    if there was a short it would most def be in the amp power feed right
  12. whojohnjones

    low battery

    checking with multimeter. and its wired correct. the amp works fine except a bad channel
  13. my battery voltage wont go past 12.4 vlts with amp power line connected (even with amp off) and after a while my car battery will be low enough so it wont crank everything else will work but wont crank but if i disconnect the line from inline fuse the volts will go up...is my battery too small or what memphis mcd-1000 amp running at two ohms
  14. whojohnjones

    headunit with no output

    its not my main hu its just a backup and wanted to fix it if i could
  15. whojohnjones

    amp choice help

    subs are 350 watts rms