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  1. Yea I wish I would have just used CA glue, but a lot of people on here recommended Goop... and it did a horrible job. The dustcap started coming of at a comp, and a guy there had ca glue and he fixed it for me, and the CA is holding strong, but the other half that was still help down by goop has pulled apart again. Ill take pics to show what im talking about, I just want a bigger dust cap to hide the peeling cone

  2. So I trouble shooted my amp to discover I have no power coming out of the speaker channels. I figured this meant my amp was blown. When I tried putting a new amp in, it too would power on but nothing out of the speaker terminals. I dont have access to a DMM so I cant figure out if there is voltage coming through these speaker channels. My question is: If you have bad rca's, will your amp still put out power through the speaker terminals on a DMM?

  3. I have a batcap 800 and an optima yellowtop. I have been thinking that I will sell my yellowtop and go all batcap. would a batcap 800 in front and a batcap 2000 in back work well for a 2500wrms system? I will have a 2500d orion amp powering an fi btl 15. I also have a 180 amp alt.

    I also have in mind selling all batteries and getting kinetic 2400 for back and kinetik 800 for front. Any ideas??

  4. I will be running a FI BTL 15 d2 off of an Orion 2500d. Box is about 4 cubes tuned to 34z. I have a 180 amp alt, an optima yellow top for front battery, and a batcap 800 for back battery. I will have big 3 done in 2/0 welding cable.



    1. Is it worth having multiple runs of 0 gauge from front battery to back, or will 1 be enough?


    2. Is it worth getting a second batcap for my trunk, or should I install what I got, see what my electrical is at, and just go from there?


    3. Do I need an isolator inbetween batcap and optima?


    4. Do I need to fuse between Batcap and amp?