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  1. Why So Cereal?

    Pair Sundown SA-12 D4

    Try making a WTT thread.
  2. Why So Cereal?

    JL Audio 12w6v2w/ grille $95

    Alrighty then. I'll keep it.
  3. Why So Cereal?

    JL Audio 12w6v2w/ grille $95

    I wouldn't think so
  4. Why So Cereal?

    JL Audio 12w6v2w/ grille $95

    I wouldn't really have a use for them. Sorry man.
  5. Item(s) for Sale: JL Audio 12w6v2 Grille included Item(s) Description/Condition: The surround needs to be replaced, easy fix. It has been CA'd up before but it came back apart and needs replacing. The sub still works; and, other than the surround, the sub works perfectly. Price: $95 plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: you pay Item Pictures:
  6. Why So Cereal?

    Budget 10" under $80?

    I may try a couple of those Bravox subs sealed in my car....see how they compare to a ported 12w6v2.
  7. Why So Cereal?

    Please help me pick speakers!

    Image Dynamics CTX-6 (CTX 6) 6" 2-Way CTX Coaxial Car Speakers
  8. Why So Cereal?

    Incriminator Audio Death row D1 12's

    price for one shipped to 31701?
  9. Why So Cereal?

    Buying a New Car, New Speaker time!

    My car came setup the same way and I simply made a baffle to change the 6x9 spot in the door to one suitable for a 6.5. This opens up your choices a lot more to find a better driver for your money. I say do that; and just get a basic 2 way 6.5 comp set with the tweeters mounted either in the stock dash locations or on the windshield (whichever you choose).
  10. Why So Cereal?

    looking for a set of 6.5 component speakers, recomendations?

    The JL C5s are solid if you like a really laid back sound. Image Dynamics CXS is also a really good set.
  11. Why So Cereal?

    Columbus, GA and Phenix City/Auburn, AL audio group

    I'm in Albany GA...only 1.5 hours away.
  12. Why So Cereal?

    audiotechnix at800.1 brand new

    specs on the fosgate?
  13. Why So Cereal?

    Best all-around subwoofer for 150-200$

    this I would do the Incriminator because its probably the least common.
  14. Why So Cereal?

    Image Dynamics CTX65CS 6.5" vs CDT Audio Classic CL-61A-25 PRO

    I have the IDs and love them.